Online Haemogram with CBC Pack by carefit

About This pack provides information on your Red Blood Cells, which carry oxygen, White Blood Cells, which fight off diseases, and Platelets, which help in clotting. It is recommended for the diagnosis of anemia, infections, blood cancers, bleeding or clotting disorders, and many other medical conditions.The blood is composed of many types of cells and all of these must be present in optimal quantities for the body to perform its functions. Has your doctor recommended Haemogram tests and have no time to get it done? We at Carefit can get your samples at home and get it tested at NABL certified labs. We have a team of certified and qualified technicians who can collect the samples.What are the tests included in the Haemogram with CBC Pack?Complete Blood Count

  • A CBC test will give a count of the RBCs, WBCs, and the platelets in the body. Your physician may order this as part of a routine check or to check the cause for symptoms like fever, weakness, fatigue, bruising, or anemia. A CBC blood test is also done to check for anemia which is caused due to low red blood cells in the body.

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

  • The ESR test will be prescribed by your healthcare provide when you have signs of inflammation. These include headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic vasculitis, anemia, shoulder, back or neck pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, joint stiffness, and digestive symptoms like fever, bloody stools, diarrhea. It is also done to diagnose conditions like autoimmune diseases, infections, and cancers.

Peripheral Blood Smear

  • The physician may recommend a peripheral smear test to diagnose many conditions including flu-like symptoms, unusual bruising, anemia due to unexplained reasons, jaundice due to unexplained reasons, rashes on the skin, bone pain and sudden weight loss. The blood smear tests may be recommended on a regular basis if treatment is being given for a blood-related health issue.

Some of the ADD-ON TESTS included in the Haemogram with CBC Pack are:Add-on tests included in this pack are:

How carefit online Haemogram with CBC Pack works:  

  • Buy the Screening pack through the curefit app or the curefit website ( and schedule your tests later for any date & time of your choice.
  • Provide the Samples without leaving your home.
  • Get access to your Test Reports within 24 Hours on the curefit app and also by Email.

Benefits of carefit online Haemogram with CBC PackOn Time Start

  • We guarantee that on the day of your scheduled booking, our punctual technicians will arrive at your location exactly on time and collect the sample.

Free Home Sample Pickup

  • Once you have purchased your pack, you will have the choice to schedule your tests from the comfort of your home. We do NOT charge any Extra Fees for Services or Travel for the Home Sample Collection.

Professional Trained Staff

  • You can be certain that your sample will always be collected by well credentialed DMLT certified Phlebotomists, who are not only technically proficient but also well versed with all the required best quality and safety practices to ensure you have a stress-free experience.

Digital Records

  • You will receive your Digital Diagnostic Test Reports within 24 Hours on your curefit app as well as on your email. Our Digital Reports are comprehensive, interpretative, and extremely easy to understand.

Best in-class Quality and Safety.

  • All Phlebotomists are well trained on NABL Guidelines and certified by WHO on Hand Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment and Disinfection techniques.

The Carefit Experience!

  • We partner with ‚ÄėHealthians‚Äô, an NABL Certified Lab to provide timely and high-quality diagnostic results. You can rest assured that Gold-standard practices are followed and maintained when it comes to quality, safety, and prevention through the use of alcohol-based sanitizers, single-use gloves, masks and minimal contact when collecting the sample.
  • Our high commitment to consumer satisfaction has helped us design our services to be your one-stop health care provider. This is doubly beneficial as it takes care of all your medical needs; from an Online Consultation with a Doctor, Therapist or Nutritionist to offering all-inclusive diagnostic tests without stepping out of your home. The search for 'a Haemogram with CBC Pack near me' is now a thing of the past and your quest for quality medical and diagnostic services starts and ends at carefit

FAQs1. Who should take the Haemogram with CBC Pack?It is a common test and is done as part of a routine health check. It is also recommended for people who have signs and symptoms of issues with blood cells.2. What Can I Expect from the Haemogram with CBC Pack?A trained technician will collect a blood sample from your vein on the arm. This is collected in a small tube or vial and taken to our NABL certified lab for testing.3. What Does the Haemogram with CBC Pack Report Include?It will have a set of parameters that determines if there are any disorders in the blood. Some of the parameters you can find in the report are basophils, eosinophils, lymphocyte count, monocyte count, neutrophil count, and Hemoglobin to name a few.

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