Did you ever wish how good it would be if you could master playing an instrument, but it would cost you a fortune to get there? Buying an instrument, accessories, and then paying more to learn to play it. We see you and are here to rescue you. We bring to you an online learning experience for the guitar. Our very own guitar classes for beginners curated just for you to equip you with the best guitar skills that are too free of cost. Learn guitar for free with Cure Fits expert guitarist Mr. Puneet Basavaraju from My School of Rock. Long gone are the days when you had to call a guitar tutor to your home for guitar lessons. With the entire world digitizing every single aspect of our lives, we just have to accept and use the resources that are already present. Trying to learn how to play any instrument through YouTube or any other medium may seem extremely challenging, leaving you to the job of connecting dots video-to-video. We at Cure Fit recognize your problems, which is why we have designed a well-structured course for you to learn guitar online, and the best part about all of this is that everything is online! No more worrying about coordinating timings, fixing up your schedule, and waiting for your teacher. Whenever you want, wherever you are, play guitar online for free. Without delaying it any further, pick up your guitars and jump right into your first class!

Learn How to Play Guitar 1

The first guitar class is all about knowing and connecting with the guitar. Before we jump into learning how to play it, it is essential to know the anatomy of the guitar, the headstock, neck, and body. Once we understand the parts of a guitar, we must learn about fretting and playing hands. While a lot of people enjoy playing with their fingers, beginners must start with a plectrum. A guitar’s strings are like the soul of the guitar. A classic acoustic guitar has 6 strings, each of them having a different amount of thickness. Top to bottom, the thinnest string is the top string and the thickest is the bottom string. Now that the theory part of it is covered, this lesson will also consist of practical learning. A basic open string exercise for beginners is perfect to learn and connect with the guitar. This will improve coordination, and make you more comfortable with the instrument. An open string exercise is simple to do and will be extremely helpful in the future to learn complex tunes if done thoroughly.

Learn How to Play Guitar 2

Once you have mastered the open string exercise, it’s time to learn the art of fretting. This lesson is all about learning where and how to position your playing hand and fretting hand. Frets help in changing the pitch of the string and hence, produce the extensive range of tunes. It is therefore imperative to learn the art of fretting if you want to master complex tunes correctly and easily. Fretting is nothing but using your fingers and your thumb to press the strings against the fretboard and strike the string to produce a higher-pitched sound. This lesson will have slightly more complex exercises than the previous one and hence will require more practice and concentration to increase your speed. The exercise will make extensive use of the entire fretboard and your fretting hand. It is the perfect exercise for beginners learning to fret which will also help you whenever you wish to warm up before playing the guitar. These exercises will help in strengthening your fingers, which is crucial to get you started with chords. Jump into the video to get started with these fun exercises!

Learn How to Play Guitar 3

This class is a continuation of what we learn in lesson 2, the art of fretting. We had learned how to fret with one finger and two fingers. Today, we learn how to fret with three fingers and all four fingers. This is a finger strengthening exercise which also helps in improving flexibility. Our lessons encourage you to practice with the expert as well as practice yourself for more precision and familiarize yourself. With this class, you will have been more accustomed to the horizontal movement along the fretboard. The expert also transitions into vertical movement as well, going from 1st string to 6th string whereas in the horizontal movement was fretting along the same string. The class opens with our expert, Puneet Basavaraju playing the beautiful, feel-good song ‘Ghungroo’ originally performed by Arijit Singh and Shilpa Rao. With the end of this class is a unique jamming session on the same rhythm for you. You sing and Puneet strums his guitar covering for you. Don’t forget to record your wonderful jamming session with us and tagging My School of Rock as well as Cure fit on Instagram! If you wish to download the audio file, head on to the Cure Fit Instagram page and download the song through the link available on the page.

Learn How to Play Guitar 4

Cure Fit’s pop live guitar sessions are one of a kind. Lesson 4 of learning to play the guitar with Cure fit, deals with giving a basic introduction into guitar tablature and how to read it. It also consists of 4 exercises that will help you to learn how to play a song on your guitar. The lesson first gives you a recap about what we have learned in the past lesson, after which the 4 exercises begin. The first exercise is just a more complex fretting exercise with different combinations. It is important to remember that even though your guitar guru can perform the exercises faster and fluently is only because of practice. So, practice as much as you can to perfect it! These exercises are made to create muscle memory for your hands and fingers so that you can pick up a song without any problems in the next lesson. No more getting nervous when your relatives ask you to perform at parties!

Learn How to Play Guitar 5

You will see our guitar guru start this lesson by playing a melodious song, ‘Senorita’ by Camilla Cabello on his electric guitar. In this lesson, you will be learning how to play the song, ‘Ode to Joy’ by the famous artist, Ludwig Van Beethoven. Our expert guitarist will be giving you a demo of what the song sounds like. This is a very basic song, perfect to learn and practice fretting more efficiently for beginners. Using what we learned in the last class about guitar tablature, and how to read notes from it, we will be using the tablature of the song and referring to it to play the song. The song is divided into four parts by our expert, the first two of which will be studied and practiced in this session, and the next four will be taught in the next session with Puneet. We will be using everything that we have learned up till now to play this song, if it feels like you might be lacking in some aspects, please refer to the previous sessions. Practice, perform, and most importantly have fun!

Learn How to Play Guitar 6

This pop live guitar online session starts off with a solo by our guitar guru Puneet playing a solo on his electric guitar of the song, “Numb” originally performed by the band Linkin Park. To recap what was learned in the previous session, we had learned how to play 8 bars (that is, the first and second part out of the four parts) of the song, ‘Ode to Joy’ by the famous composer, Ludwig Van Beethoven. In today’s session, our guitar guru will help you cover the last two parts to complete the song. The entire song has 16 bars. So, once you have perfected playing all the parts individually, combine all the parts and play them together. We hope that these guitar online classes were helpful in giving you that kick start you were looking for. These classes were designed to equip you with the strong basics of the skills needed to play guitar online. Cure fit will be back with more fun jamming sessions for you, until then, practice, and most importantly have fun!  

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