Online Diabetes Screening Pack by carefit

About This pack helps in monitoring blood glucose levels. It is recommended for people who are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or have a family history of diabetes, heart disease or obesity. A sedentary lifestyle combined with bad diet and hereditary factors has caused diabetes to become very common all over the world. If left unchecked diabetes can cause severe health ailments like loss of vision, amputation, and so on. This is why it is essential to have a glucose test done periodically. This pack enables you to screen your glucose levels regularly without the need of stepping out of your home. It is time to pay better attention to your health and get the sugar test at home.What are the tests included in the Diabetes Screening Pack? Fasting Blood Sugar Test(FBS)

  • The glucose fasting test is used to determine the glucose level present in your blood. It is typically used to screen for diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1c)

  • The diabetes test is responsible for checking the average amount of glucose that has been present in your blood in the past two to three months. The HbA1c test is useful in assessing whether you are pre-diabetic.

Some of the ADD-ON TESTS included in the Diabetes Screening Pack are:Insulin ÔÇô Fasting

  • The fasting insulin test checks the level of insulin secreted by the pancreas. This test is often recommended for adults to check for diabetes, PCOD/ PCOS, and metabolic syndromes.

Lipid Profile

  • The lipid profile comes in handy to measure the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in your body. High cholesterol levels tend to increase your risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Kidney Function Test (KFT)

  • The Kidney Function Test is used to measure the levels of creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, uric acid, urea, etc. These tests are handy in ensuring that your kidneys are working normally or not.

Liver Function Test (LFT)

  • The liver is responsible for helping your body remove harmful toxins. The liver function test looks at the level of different enzymes and proteins.

Thyroid Screening (T3, T4, TSH)

  • Thyroid screening is useful to screen for thyroid disorders Hyperthyroidism presents symptoms including weight loss, tremors, and nervousness, while hypothyroidism presents symptoms including fatigue, weight gain, constipation, and cold intolerance. The tests include checking the levels of TSH, T4, and T4.

Complete Haemogram

  • The complete Haemogram test includes your Complete Blood Count (CBC), Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR), and Peripheral Smear (PS). The CBC test includes the count of your red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The peripheral smear examination is handy in ruling out any Haematological malignancies. The ESR level helps indicate whether you have fallen victim to chronic infection or cancer.

Urine Routine Examination

  • The urinalysis is a routine test done to detect and measure different substances in the urine like bacteria, abnormal metabolism, cellular fragments, cells, etc.

Urine Microalbumin Random

  • This test checks the level of albumin present in your urine. An abnormally high level is an indication of kidney damage.

How carefit online Diabetes Screening Pack works:  

  • Buy the Screening pack through the curefit app or the curefit website ( and schedule your tests later for any date & time of your choice.
  • Provide the Samples without leaving your home.
  • Get access to your Test Reports within 24 Hours on the curefit app and also by Email.

Benefits of carefit online Diabetes Screening PackOn Time Start

  • We guarantee that on the day of your scheduled booking, our punctual technicians will arrive at your location exactly on time and collect the sample.

Free Home Sample Pickup

  • Once you have purchased your pack, you will have the choice to schedule your tests from the comfort of your home. We do NOT charge any Extra Fees for Services or Travel for the Home Sample Collection.

Professional Trained Staff

  • You can be certain that your sample will always be collected by well credentialed DMLT certified Phlebotomists, who are not only technically proficient but also well versed with all the required best quality and safety practices to ensure you have a stress-free experience.

Digital Records

  • You will receive your Digital Diagnostic Test Reports within 24 Hours on your curefit app as well as on your email. Our Digital Reports are comprehensive, interpretative, and extremely easy to understand.

Best in-class Quality and Safety.

  • All Phlebotomists are well trained on NABL Guidelines and certified by WHO on Hand Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment and Disinfection techniques.

The Carefit Experience!

  • We partner with ÔÇśHealthiansÔÇÖ, an NABL Certified Lab to provide timely and high-quality diagnostic results. You can rest assured that Gold-standard practices are followed and maintained when it comes to quality, safety, and prevention through the use of alcohol-based sanitizers, single-use gloves, masks and minimal contact when collecting the sample.
  • Our high commitment to consumer satisfaction has helped us design our services to be your one-stop health care provider. This is doubly beneficial as it takes care of all your medical needs; from an Online Consultation with a Doctor, Therapist or Nutritionist to offering all-inclusive diagnostic tests without stepping out of your home. The search for 'a Diabetes Screening Pack near me' is now a thing of the past and your quest for quality medical and diagnostic services starts and ends at carefit

FAQs1. Who should take the Diabetes Screening Pack?It is recommended for people who are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or have a family history of diabetes, heart disease or obesity.2. What Can I Expect from the Diabetes Screening Pack?This pack helps in monitoring blood glucose levels regularly without the need of stepping out of your home

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