The Comprehensive Guide on Obesity

+ Cause

Obesity is an abnormality where your excessive body fat increases the risk of developing other health issues. People generally think that being obese just makes you look bad. Instead, being obese or overweight is a medical concern because it may lead you to other chronic diseases and disrupt your normal lifestyle forever.When people eat a lot of calories than the body can burn, this gets stored as fat. A few extra kilos of fat might not pose a health issue for most people. But when this excessive eating becomes a habit without burning what you eat, the fat continues to accumulate. This leads to a point where this accumulated fat becomes a health risk. When doctors use the term ‚Äėobese‚Äô, they indicate that you have a high risk of developing weight-related health issues.The diseases that may stem from obesity are diabetes and heart problems. An obese person can also develop joint problems, mood swings, breathing issues, sleeping issues, and drowned energy levels. So, it is extremely important to do mindful eating else being overweight will take away both your health and your wealth!Obesity is widespread globally for many vital reasons. These vary from behavioural reasons like lack of exercise, lack of proper diet, metabolic, genetic, and hormonal influences. The lack of exercise and lifestyle like consumption of fast food is quickly emerging as significant barriers to a healthy body for many adults. For example, in most adults, the lack of consumption of heavy calories, followed by a sedentary lifestyle is becoming a major headache for health professionals. This is often driven by the consumption of high-calorie beverages, fast food, and it drives a vicious circle which most adults often ignore. The consumption of high calories among obese people leads them to eat far more than in an average person and lets them feel hungry sooner. Moreover, these adults also consume more calories when they are feeling anxious or under stress. Hence, diet remains an important frontier for obese people to conquer, and can be a new beginning for people who wish to live a healthy lifestyle.

+ Consequence

The fat accumulated in your body especially around the waist will drag you towards other major health issues and then these feed on each other.  Being Overweight or Obese leads to -1. Difficulty in BreathingBeing overweight will prevent the full expansion of lungs and hence the breathing muscles do not function properly. The increased belly fat also put pressure on the lungs. You get tired easily even in simple activities like brisk walking and start feeling breathless. Sometimes you may also witness asthma symptoms.2. Fatty LiverThe exact cause of developing a fatty liver is still not known. But it is being linked to obesity or being overweight, especially in the middle age. When the fat starts to accumulate in your liver, it may scar the tissue and the condition is known as Cirrhosis. This can damage your liver completely. This is considered to be one of the worst effects of obesity on the body.3. OsteoarthritisOne of the most deadly effects of obesity is developing Osteoarthritis. The excessive body weight put a strain on your joints and cartilage protecting the bone-ends. This causes stiffness and pain. Once you develop this condition, exercise remains the last resort.4. High Level of CholesterolAlthough cholesterol level increases because of your genes, excessive and unhealthy eating also contribute to it. Cholesterol is used by your body to develop healthy cells. Due to high cholesterol, you may develop fat clots in your blood vessels and result in heart problems. This obstructs blood flow through your arteries and turns into major overweight problems.5. GallstonesDue to obesity, your cholesterol level might shoot. Due to increased cholesterol level, it may get into the bile juice produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder. This inhibits the free movement of the bile and thus it hardens and turns into pebbles. Some severe cases of gallstones may require surgery.6. Type 2 DiabetesOne of the most common effects of overweight is developing type-2 diabetes. Belly fat results in insulin resistance. In this condition, your body produces insulin correctly but the cells cannot use it properly to dump off glucose from the blood. High level of sugar in the blood will cause diabetes and results in issues in eyes, heart, nerves etc. There is no cure once you develop it, only weight loss may reduce the symptoms and stop further complications.7. GoutBelly fat, high blood sugar and cholesterol issues can result in gout development. These are needle-like crystals that cause pain in joints like ankle, knee and big toe. These are formed due to excess uric acid in your body. Only a healthy diet and exercise can level up urea.8. High Blood PressureBeing overweight pushes your heart to work hard to pump blood into all your cells. This extra force may damage the artery walls. Upon a doctor consultation, he will suggest you limit sodium intake, do aerobic exercises and try reducing weight.9. Hardened ArteriesOne of the most serious effects of obesity is hardened arteries. This happens in serious cases of obesity where the patient has diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Your organs and tissues do not get enough blood supply due to clogged arteries and may result in a heart attack or failure.10. Kidney DiseaseExcessive eating is one of the most common reasons for overweight. But there are several other reasons too. Kidneys are used to filter blood and control blood pressure. Once you become overweight, the fat can accumulate in your kidneys too. This presses on blood vessels and obstructs proper kidney functioning. This may result in a waste buildup in your body.

+ Cure

Weight may be a number, but it is also an important indicator of general health. Being overweight can lead to a plethora of health issues like diabetes, heart problems, weak joints, poor muscular health and so on. Maintaining an optimum weight will help you live healthier and also look better.There are 4 components that are critical to achieve your desired weight loss goals.1. Physical Exercise: Regular exercise is often recommended by health professionals to tackle obesity. This is important as it is one of the keyways in which obesity can be prevented. However, it is important to remember that obesity can also be caused by genetics or medical conditions. Hence, before you fix on an exercise routine, it is important to consult a physician about the best way to exercise your body. People with limited physical capabilities can also engage in fruitful, healthy exercises, thanks to various modern exercise gadgets, and at the same time, prevent obesity despite their limitations.2. Diet & Nutrition Diet is an important part of the missing puzzle to prevent obesity. Many people frown upon diets, thanks to its rigorous schedules, and sometimes, due to their complexity. However, it is important to remember that one does not need to engage in a hundred different diet pill plans to become healthy. Diet is a lot about understanding what your body needs, and mostly limiting your desires to the foods it does not. Obesity is a major worry for parents living in urban areas. This is largely due to lack of exercise, and lack of available space to do so. Many people do not eat healthy, thanks to the growing sedentary lifestyle, and fast foods. It is important to regularly eat healthy home-made food, or switch to low-calorie, and non-fattening diet. Some popular foods such as red meats can also risk obese people to severe conditions like heart stroke, high blood pressure, among others. It is important to include veggies and make it a regular part of your diet.3. Healthy Lifestyle Obesity continues to attract the attention of concerned healthcare authorities around the world, thanks to rising related illnesses. As mentioned previously, obesity increases risks to several critical illnesses, including diabetes, heart stroke, and cardiovascular diseases, among others. Moreover, these often known as ‚Äėlifestyle diseases‚Äô are often correlated with several bad habits which are preventable. For example, obesity combined with habits such as smoking increases the risk of heart disease and other conditions significantly. Moreover, due to issues like worsening environmental conditions, and rising economic inequality, individuals need to take on more personal responsibility in future to prevent the spread of obesity.4. Medical TreatmentNew medical procedures also make way for medical treatment for individuals with excessive obesity symptoms. Medical procedures like liposuction can help individuals avail quick treatment. However, these are often recommended for older individuals, who are at more risk of related diseases like heart stroke, diabetes, among others. Moreover, due to the high price tag of such procedures, prevention remains the best cure for those who can avoid it. ¬†If you are taking medications that can interfere with your plans to reduce your weight, you need to consult your doctor immediately. Often, physicians can recommend alternative medicine, or recommend a course of action which will minimize the side-effect for the treatment of obesity.Since obesity is responsible for a number of diseases and health complications, it is extremely necessary to get diagnosed early and by a medical professional based on your Body Mass Index (BMI). Not only will you end up with a lean and trim body, but you will also be able to improve your endurance and general health.If your BMI value is over 30 or you suspect that you are overweight or obese it is advisable to get an Obesity Screening done and schedule an Online Consultation from the comfort of your home with our Top Gastroenterologists &Nutrition Experts for a detailed and personalized Weight Loss Program at carefit.Do you have more queries about the article or are you confused about the kind of treatment or regimen recommended or if you're unsure about whether this is the right solution for you? Get clear and straightforward advise to all your questions, fears or doubts right from the comfort of your home, by booking one of our condition specific Diagnostic Screening Packs or schedule an Online Consultation with our Top Physicians and Health Experts at carefit.Read More | Are you looking for more quality content on Obesity? Be sure to check out our other short-reads curated just for you.

Note : This Article is Not a substitute for Medical Advice or Treatment. If you are suffering from chronic illnesses, taking regular medications or are vulnerable because of other physiological conditions like pregnancy, or low immunity, it is strongly advised that you consult a Medical Professional before starting or following any new regimen to rule out adverse side effects, contraindications and undesirable drug interactions with other medications.

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