A tall glass of this thick frothy drink is synonyms with the Indian summers like nothing else! Lassi is probably the oldest known smoothie in the world! The tradition of drinking lassi began centuries ago when fresh yoghurt was blended with fruits and spices to calm the stomach and cool the mind, especially during the excruciating summer heat.This humble drink originated in the north Indian state of Punjab and used to be mostly made at home by churning curd by hand and mixing it with homemade spices. It has regained popularity due to its taste and health benefits and lassi recipes are now made with several exotic tropical fruits, flavours, and syrups.It is now available at every supermarket in several fortified lassi recipe versions like probiotic, slow-cultured, sugar-free, and ones with vegan milk versions like soy milk, almond milk, etc. making it one of the most popular health drinks.

What are the benefits of including lassi recipes in your meals?

Due to the healthy ingredients used in lassi recipes, it has some amazing benefits for our health and mind. Here are some of the most important advantages of including healthy recipes of lassi in your meals:

•  Lassi and the curd in it contain lactobacillus bacteria that help aid in digestion, break down the food, and helps in the absorption of nutrients.
•  It reduces the instances of indigestion and heartburn.
•  It prevents the growth of bad bacteria in the stomach and hence prevents bloating, gas, constipation, etc.
•  Lassi recipes that come fortified with probiotics help in improving your heart function and immunity.
•  Curd is a rich source of calcium that helps in strengthening your bones and prevents sudden fractures and conditions like osteoporosis.
•  Lassi helps in preventing type-2 diabetes and certain types of cancers.
•  Since it is quite a filling drink with lesser calories, consuming it between the meals makes it a great filler and helps in reducing weight.
•  Since it is rich in lactic acid and vitamin D, regular consumption of lassi helps in regulating the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in your body.
•  The lactic acid in lassi helps in improving the quality of the skin and hair. It acts as an anti-ageing agent and helps prevent skin blemishes and wrinkles and premature greying of hair.
•  Lassi recipes made with fresh fruits provide the much-needed nutrients.
•  Lassi recipes made with spices and herbs have immunity-boosting and antioxidant properties

What are some tips for making the best lassi recipe every time?

Before we share some of the most delicious lassi recipes, here are some tips that will help you make the richest and the best lassi every time:

•  For better taste and thicker consistency, use homemade curd preferably full-fat curd.
•  A hand blender i.e. the traditional mathaani will give you better flavours as compared to an electric blender.
•  Make sure that the curd that you are using is not sour.
•  Use powdered sugar in your sweet lassi recipe. It will dissolve faster.
•  For a low-calorie lassi recipe, use natural sweeteners like maple syrup, jaggery, honey, etc.

Which are some of the best lassi recipes to try at home this summer?

Lassi is an amazingly versatile drink that goes well with any flavour! It can be enjoyed on its own, as a mid-meal snack, or as an all-time-favourite combination of aloo paratha. Often we wonder about the lassi banana ki recipe. Lassi recipes that give you lassi that's smooth, creamy, and has just the right flavours. Here are some of the easiest and fun lassi recipes for you to cool down with this summer:

1. Haldi ki lassi

This delicious golden curd drink is amazingly delicious and one of the best salty lassi recipe to try at home:

•  Combine plain curd and frozen almond milk cubes.
•  Mix in spices like turmeric, black pepper, cayenne, salt, and candied ginger.
•  Add a little maple syrup.
•  Blend all these ingredients until you get a smooth consistency.
•  Serve chilled garnished with a pinch of turmeric and whipped coconut cream.

2. Mango lassi‍

Probably the most delicious drink to have, this mango lassi recipe is easy to make too. In fact, this mango lassi recipe is so simple, that even kids can make it in a jiffy!

•  In a large bowl, add a cup of fresh mango pulp, yoghurt, cold water, sugar, and cardamom powder.
•  If you want thicker consistency or a vegan lassi, you can choose to add almond or soymilk.
•  Blend them preferably with a mathaani to get a creamy consistency.
•  Serve this delicious dahi lassi recipe chilled garnished with pistachio slivers and saffron strands.

3. Dry fruit lassi

This hearty and nutty dry fruit lassi recipe is sure to make you forget about any store-bought drinks!

•  Dry roast mawa on low flame till it turns light brown and gets a grainy texture.
•  Whisk hung curd till you get a smooth consistency.
•  Add to it cold milk and sugar and mix well.
•  In a tall glass, pour a little strawberry syrup and top it with a little curd.
•  Add mawa on top of it along with some crushed dry fruits.
•  Repeat these layers.
•  Garnish the topmost layer with dry fruits.
•  Serve chilled

4. Strawberry lassi

The strawberry lassi recipe gives you an amazing burst of flavours and is a summer favourite due to its fresh pink colour!

•  Chop fresh strawberries and blend them with honey into a puree.
•  Add to it chilled yoghurt, low-fat cream, and a little rose water.
•  Blend using a mathaani till you get a creamy consistency.
•  Pour in a tall glass and serve chilled garnished with slices of strawberry.

5. Classic lassi

This traditional homemade lassi recipe is made with minimal ingredients but never fails to quench your thirst on a hot day. It is the best Punjabi lassi recipe that goes well with breakfast or as a snack.

•  In a blender, combine yoghurt, ice cubes, cold water, sugar, and salt till you get a frothy consistency.
•  Pour in a tall glass with more ice cubes.
•  This traditional lassi recipe is best served garnished with roasted cumin powder and a few mint leaves.

6. Chocolate lassi

The chocolate lassi recipe is a delicious twist on the traditional lassi and can substitute any high-calorie chocolate drink.

•  Take thick curd in a mixing bowl and add granulated sugar. Whisk it well.
•  Use a double boiler to melt chocolate shavings and cocoa powder till you get a smooth mixture.
•  Combine the yoghurt and chocolate mixes in a blender and whip them.
•  Serve chilled garnished with chocolate shavings

7. Rose lassi

This bright pink-hued lassi recipe is perfect to cool you down on a sweltering day. Rose lassi recipe is a three-ingredient recipe that can be made within minutes:

•  Combine yoghurt, sugar, and rose syrup in a bowl.
•  Add chilled water and whisk well till you get a smooth and creamy consistency.
•  Serve chilled topped with rose petals.

8. Banana lassi recipe

This amazing dahi lassi recipe is an instant pick-me-up. One of the best lassi recipes, this is loved for its sweet and nutty flavours.

•  Pour yoghurt, whey powder, flax seeds, sesame seeds, crushed walnuts, honey, and banana chunks in a blender.
•  Whisk well till you get a smooth and creamy mix.
•  Serve chilled topped with crushed walnuts and a few slivers of chocolate.

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