What is concentration meditation?

Do you go through your entire day with your mind wandering from one thought to another? Do you find it difficult to stay focused your studies as a student or your job as a professional? Your state of mind feels like drifting all through the day. It can be very unsettling, right? What effectually you are facing is the lack of concentration of focus. There are various reasons why our mind keeps drifting from one thing to another. Digital independence is one important reason; competitiveness, the fast pace of our lives, our endless aspirations, and more reasons prevent us from staying focused. As life gets increasingly busier and strenuous, the need for calming the mind and the nerves have been felt by most. Concentration meditation is a type of meditation that helps to train the mind to focus. Let us understand more about what this meditation type is all about. The word 'concentration' is the act of focusing our full attention on one particular thought, object, entity, or work. It is believed that Lord Buddha was a practitioner of concentration meditation after he was enlightened. The Bhagavad Gita bears testimony of how meditation for focus and concentration can be built to achieve results when Krishna advises Arjun to meditate to focus on his objective and thinks of nothing else.

Concentration meditation how it helps increase focus?

Before we start to understand how meditation and concentration are inter-connected, it is important to realize three types of meditation.

  1. Concentration meditation
  2. Open awareness
  3. Guided meditation

Concentration meditation practices the mind to develop focused attention by using objects like a candle's flame, one's breath, a point in front, or repeating a word or a phrase. You will find many schools these days preaching to their students to practice meditation for study concentration. The purpose is to bring the mind, on a continued basis, back to the object. This continual form of re-directing the attention to one thing helps strengthening the mind's ability to keep away from diversions and calming the mind; in so doing, it keeps it grounded and focused. Concentration is all about developing willpower and decisiveness. It helps in controlling the mind and thoughts. At one point in time, the mind focuses only on one particular direction, one limited activity, or intent. Since the entire concept of concentration is based on self-control and the mind's consciousness, mediation helps in numerous ways. This form of meditation, on a focus point, is brought about by doing or reciting something repeatedly.Concentration has a start and an end. And, often, it makes the person exhausted, especially when the results are not as desired. Meditation, on the contrary, is about de-cluttering the mind. It does not require self-control or willpower. Since there are lesser restrictions on the mind and more freedom in meditation, it enables the mind to look within or get into a self-realization phase. Meditation to improve concentration helps achieve inner peace and establish a deeper connection with the self when regularly doing it. The systematic practice of mediation helps clear the mind and relax it. Concentration is the result that is achieved with the continued practice of mediation. Thus, one of the best ways to improve focus is to learn meditation to increase concentration or practice concentration meditation.

Advantages or Benefits of Concentration meditation

  1. Getting focus in life is one of the biggest advantages of concentration meditation.
  2. You find the motivation to do a job or engage in an activity on your own. You do not need any external inspiration to move ahead in life. It makes your actions more productive.
  3. Meditation to improve concentration helps keep your mind from wandering here and there and getting distracting thoughts by tuning the mind to turn such ideas off.
  4. It helps fortify your willpower and also gives a boost to your memory.
  5. Finally, the entire concept of practicing meditation for focus and concentration helps you become more patient with life, others around you, and your being.

Disadvantages of not doing concentration meditation

  1. Your mind will easily succumb to diversions and distractions, thus taking your focus away from the task at hand.
  2. You may experience anxiety about various things, such as deadlines, exams, etc which you can avoid by practicing concentration meditation.
  3. Your memory power may not be as strong as it could be if you were a practitioner of concentration meditation.

Different ways to do meditation to increase concentration?

Since meditation and concentration are closely interconnected, you can work methodically on learning different techniques to practice concentration meditation.Here are a few internationally-accepted methods of meditation to relieve stress and increase time-tested focus.

1. Object-focus meditation

It is a method in which you need to focus all your attention on a single object. You can use any item to practice this visualization training. Take a pen in your hand, start looking at the tip of the cell, and keep looking.

2. Breath concentration meditation

In Buddhism, this is one of the most frequently practiced meditation techniques. Just five minutes of your time every day, and you will start to feel the difference. With every inhalation and exhalation, you need to focus on your breath. With practice comes enhanced concentration and focus. It is best advised to learn the art of breathing meditation from experts at a reliable Meditation Center.

3. Metta concentration meditation

It is another way of meditation to improve concentration. In this form, the person is taught to focus on the phrases used in metta.

4. Word concentration meditation

In this form of mediation, the mind is trained to focus on words. You could start with a single alphabet or a string of alphabets. Over a period, you will find that you can close your mind and see the alphabets in your awareness mind.

5. Walking meditation

Some tips and techniques for concentration meditation

Many people find meditation sitting in one place and being immobile challenging. For them, concentration meditation can come by walking while listening to chanting mantras or meditation music. One can try and juggle balls that make things tougher, but that is the best part of being in control. You can even try morning meditation, when everything is calm and quiet, to help increase your focus.

‚ÄćConcentration meditation Vs Anxiety

Concentration meditation also helps to ward off anxiety. When you are focused, you will not feel anxious about anything. Concentration meditation helps you strengthen the mind's ability to keep away from diversions and calms you, thus avoiding anxiety. Concentration meditation helps strengthen the various faculties of the mind that directly boosts the memory quality and focus. There are different ways and techniques to help your mind block off distractions. However, remember that it is a journey that requires a lot of patience and practice. It would help if you try it with all your perseverance and dedication. Multiple teachers teach varied methods of concentration meditation. Please make sure you pick one style and remain dedicated to it for some time before learning a new technique.

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