The fear of flying is common among many people, especially if it is their first time on a plane. It is natural to feel strange and a sense of fear when the flight takes off and lands. But as you get used to it, the fear will fade away.Another main reason people get scared of flying is that there is a sense of claustrophobia, and when they know that they cannot get off whenever they want to. Sometimes people who fear heights and turbulence also face flying anxiety. More than being physically safe, it is emotional safety that plays a major role here. The best way to overcome flight anxiety is to work on the factors that cause you to panic once you're on a plane.

What Are The Factors That Trigger Flight Anxiety?

Every person has their own fears and phobias. One should know how to build self-confidence and face their fears instead of running away from them. A person might not know how to overcome flight anxiety unless and otherwise, he identifies what triggers them, like:

•  Plane anxiety is quite natural if you are a first-time flyer and could cause you a lot of flying anxiety and stress.
•  You might have claustrophobia a fear of enclosed spaces.
•  Sometimes, people often think of plane hijacking and terrorist attacks on planes.
•  Some have a fear of heights, turbulence and wind currents.
•  You are already an anxious person and scared of anything and everything.

Effective Measures On How To Overcome Flight Anxiety

If you are wondering how to get overflight anxiety, one major way to overcome flight anxiety is to face it. Facing the fear of flying is one of the best flight anxiety remedies that you could count on.

•  Imagine a smooth flight Practise how to stop flight anxiety beforehand by thinking of the plane, its interiors and seats. It helps you feel more familiar when you get on to the plane and reduce flying anxiety.
•  Relax and meditate before your flight Stay calm and relax while waiting for your flight. You can also try meditation which reduces flying anxiety and stress.
•  Educate yourself before flying for the first time  Know your plane, its timings, and the rules to be followed in the plane beforehand. You can check a few videos on the internet, which will give you an idea of what happens inside the plane.
•  Distract yourself from the fear ahead of you If you don't know how to stop flight anxiety, just don't think about it. Read a book or watch some funny videos on your phone, which will not allow you to feel anxious or afraid of turbulence and storms.
•  Do not rush or be late for your flight Be on time for your flight. Last-minute rushes will only make you forget things and create chaos. Some people even tend to get angry with the flight attendants over petty issues. Passengers should also know how to control anger and irritation on flights.
•  Breathe and go with the flow Once the flight takes off, breathe deeply and relax on your seat. Keep in mind that there are thousands of people flying every day, and no one is harmed.
•  Keep your medicines handy Few people are anxious always and are prone to panic attacks. The reason is they don't know how to overcome anxiety. Such people require medication. If you are one such person, keep your medicines with you while flying.

Many training centers teach people how to stop flight anxiety. It is always better to be well prepared. Training could also be taken to overcome the fear of flying or flying anxiety.

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August 22, 2022

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