How to control anger? Meditation to control anger will help a person reduce his body's response to managing anger, and this can be effectively performed when the person seems to be short-tempered. Being short-tempered or getting angry frequently will be detrimental to one's health and both body and mind. They stress out the person and activate their sympathetic nervous system with faster breathing, rapid heart rates, and increased blood pressure. Sleep meditation and relax music are other ways to best control anger levels. However, below are stated the best different methods for managing anger effectively.

How Effective is Meditation for Anger?

Studies state that meditation is the best remedy for managing anger. Experts have found out that a single meditation session reduced a certain number of physical signs of anger. It was also surprisingly successful even in people who are new to meditation. Researchers measured all their physical responses for managing anger and their breathing, heart, and blood pressure rates to conclude their success. And with dozens of hours of meditation practice, it controlled almost all the physical reactions such that they seemed very normal.And this clearly states that both short-term and long-term meditation will help protect the body and mind from the harmful physical stress called anger. The ability to remain less reactive to all emotional and physical inhibitors is an extraordinary power regardless of our experience levels. Therefore, a long-term and consistent practice of managing anger helps one to cope with all the negative emotions without reacting and only being responsive to them.

Stepwise Meditation Procedure To Control Anger

How to control anger? As meditation for managing anger is effectively seen to reduce anger even with a single session of twenty minutes according to studies, the simple meditation control anger technique is discussed below for people to benefit from it quickly. It is done by:

  1. Meditation to control anger is first done by finding a comfortable position. One has to ensure that it does not interrupt or cause any inconvenience throughout the meditation control anger schedule.
  2. Close the eyes if you are a beginner to meditation for anger or keep it open slightly and keep staring at one place if you are already well versed in staying focused with eyes open. People who have already performed meditation for anger can achieve it with their eyes open effortlessly.
  3. Meditation control anger is done by resting and placing the hands on the thighs for the entire session.
  4. Bring the thoughts and focus to the spot that is a few inches below the navel part of the body.
  5. Meditation control anger is done by inhaling slowly and making it happen smoothly. Then exhale again slowly and perform both the inhalation and exhalation by counting from one to ten at a slow pace.
  6. Perform meditation for anger by not preventing thoughts and keep going with the flow on what is coming and going. Do not get stuck or get held on to particular views.
  7. While doing meditation for anger and frustration, it is normal for thoughts to interrupt the whole process and regain concentration and start counting again from one.
  8. And perform the whole process from the starting step of meditation for anger and frustration.
  9. With practice, one will master the art of getting stuck up with the arising thoughts and control anger.

How to Control Anger Apart from Meditation?

How to reduce anger? Besides meditation for managing anger, it is essential also to learn the other hacks of life to control anger when an uncertain situation arises. They are discussed below for one to understand the simple tips easily.

Rest Sufficiently

The power of rest is consistently underestimated, and it is the root cause for a person to get angry often. Without sound sleep, the body tends to become tired and restless, leading to tension, mental agitation and stress. Therefore, you need a minimum of six to eight hours of sleep every day to manage and control your anger effectively.

Eat Healthily

How to manage anger? The food that one eats will have an impact on both mind and emotions. Certain foods cause tension and restlessness and these may include food items like spicy, oily, and non-vegetarian dishes. On the contrary, everybody would have felt days with steady behavioral patterns that have reduced anger and emotional intensity. These occur when the individual thrives on healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. This proves the point that 'You are what you eat".

Practice Yoga

Yoga twists are seen to control your anger with just ten to fifteen minutes of yoga asanas. They help in reducing tension and restlessness in both mind and body. Surya namaskar is an excellent way to begin yoga sessions, and all the postures are synchronized with breathing here, thus increasing the energy levels and offering physical body stretches. They remove the stiffness from the body, and it is the fastest way to manage anger issues. Because of these, the mind becomes happy and relaxed.

Breathing Exercise

How to manage anger? Pranayama is the best breathing exercise to reduce mental trauma and makes the mind calm and less agitated. Doing this correctly with proper inhaling and exhaling is the essence of the whole practice. If you are a beginner, seek the help of a qualified teacher for managing anger with pranayama. Apart from this, taking a few deep breaths is ways to control anger. It will also help in dropping anger levels efficiently. The moment you feel peak anger, do not forget to close your eyes and take deep breaths. This will instantly bring in a change in the state of mind. Breathing releases stress and calms the mind, and helps in managing anger and stress.

Say "Aum"

How to overcome anxiety? Uttering 'Aum' for a couple of minutes will help calm the mind and reduce anger and is the bestway to control anger. Practice this effectively, and the significant importance of this particular trick is that it can be performed at any place with no extended effort.Anger is a complex emotion that becomes a shame or guilt for many people who fail to control it. Hence it is required for managing anger in all its forms, and meditation is the best way to apply it in the heat of the moment in a skillful manner. Meditation for anger makes one recognize the onset of anger without stepping into it. And besides just controlling anger, it also helps the problem of overcoming anxiety and works best for the most enquired question on how to increase confidence.

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