Self-esteem is another form of self-love where you have to learn to respect yourself more than anyone else in the world. It could be any relationship for that matter. Be it the relations in your first circle like father, mother, brother, sister, or husband, make sure you have your self-esteem held high before anyone. Sometimes we may not be confident enough in front of outsiders or our in-laws etc. we might tend to feel low or with less confidence then. In such places, there are chances of our self-esteem to be taken for a chance very easily. Self-esteem can also depend on the experience we have faced in the past and the insults that have come our way. But it is time we start building confidence in ourselves to not let down ourselves in a public gathering. Here are a few ways to improve your self-esteem and feel proud of yourself.

Feel positive about yourself

Positivity is the key to confident thoughts and in building high self-esteem. Self-love is more important than anything else in the world. The world is like a mirror. Only if you love and value yourself, will others value you. The feel-good sensation should start from within you. Keep your head high as you have not done anything wrong to feel bad about yourself. Each time you feel low, remind yourself of the hurdles and battles you have faced in the past and how efficiently you overcame them. Look at life in a more positive way to build more self-esteem and confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself and keep putting in regular effort to succeed.

Identify your fears

Fears can be anything. It can be the fear of socialism or talking to people. Or it could be the fear of failure. Don't just blindly walk away from your fears and feel you are not able to do it. Instead, identify what is bothering you and work on the issue to get better. For example, if you are not confident enough to speak on a public platform work on your communication. Develop yourself so that you don't lose your confidence. Wear your confidence better than any other accessory. Face your fears and challenge them. Stay confident and don't let your fears engulf you.

Face your negative beliefs

Negative beliefs of low self-esteem are thinking too little about yourself. You must have framed your mind in such a way that you are not clever enough and you will not be able to perform a certain task. Break those negative beliefs. The lack of self-confidence is the main reason for low self-esteem. Always remember the phrase No one is above you and on one is below you. All are equal. If somebody else can perform a certain task, definitely you will also be able to do it. All you have to do is work towards it. Word hard and persist despite all obstacles that come your way.

Build positive relationships

Have people around you who help you in building self-confidence and high self-esteem. Few relationships can be mind tormenting and put you down always. Explain to them that you need their confidence. If they still do not change, ignore their words and negativity. Have friends that make you feel good about yourself and do not drag you down. Take the help of your dear and near ones to improve yourself and develop your self-confidence. Avoid those who gossip and speak behind one's back. Focus on good things and how to develop yourself.

Try saying NO sometimes

Many people have forgotten to say NO nowadays. They think they are being nice to everyone. Believe me, you cannot satisfy everyone in the world. Someone or the other will be unhappy with you. Do what is good for yourself. Saying NO is a way of being assertive and prioritizing yourself. It is okay to say NO. Develop your assertiveness so that you can improve your self-esteem. If you are already overburdened with work, you can say to somebody else loading you with work. It helps you focus on one goal. It is very important to say NO to domestic abuse and behavior that torments you. Those who are in relationships should be able to draw a strict line between love and giving up their self-esteem for the sake of love. It is important to love yourself more than your partner.

Take a break

A break can help you relax and calm the mind. Allot time for yourself. Do not overwork to feel too frustrated. Balance out things well. Self-esteem can vary from situation to situation. Building self-esteem is not a one-day process. It cannot happen overnight. We have to work on it. Sometimes taking a break helps you rebound and work with a better confidence level. Sometimes you might have a bad day, but always remember it is never a bad life. Take time for yourself and relax with your friends and family to feel stronger from the inside. If you're not able to take a holiday or don't feel like hanging out with friends, give yourself a good treat. Read a book or go to the beach to find some fresh air. It will help you recover from a bad day and feel good again.


One cannot teach you how to build confidence. Maybe others can guide you, but you have to work on it by yourself. One should know how to control emotions at the right time and prioritize their self-esteem first. Put some confidence thoughts into your brain every day before you start work. Keep telling yourself that you are capable of anything and everything. Building self-esteem is an everyday process and you should be able to play your part well. Know the importance of small steps. It is okay to fail, but learn quickly and always feel confident about yourself.

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