Herpes Genitalis

What Is Herpes Genitalis?

Herpes Genitalis is a common sexually transmitted infection that causes sores and blisters around genitals. These blisters sometimes tear open and fluid starts to ooze out of them. Sometimes, symptoms do not show up and the viruses stay dormant in the body.

Herpes Genitalis Symptoms

The formation of blisters around genitals is called an outbreak. This outbreak can happen anytime between two days to a month after you have come in contact with the virus.

  • Symptoms of herpes genitalis in males are the formation of blisters on the penis, scrotum and around the anus
  • Symptoms of herpes genitalis in females are the formation of blisters near the vagina and anus.

Symptoms that occur in both males and females are:

  • Formation of blisters around mouth, lips or any other that have touch infected parts
  • Itching before the outbreak
  • Formation of ulcers when blisters break open
  • Formation of crust over sores
  • Fever, headache, and pain in the body

Babies who are born with herpes develop ulcers on the face, genitals, and body. Further complications of herpes in babies can even be fatal.

Who Is At Risk?

There are certain factors that increase your chance of getting infected. These risk factors are as follows:

  • Gender: It is seen that generally, women get infected with the virus more than men.
  • Sexual activities: Having multiple sexual partners increase your chance of developing the condition.

Herpes Genitalis Causes

Coming to the herpes genitalis causes, there are two herpes simplex viruses that develop this condition - HSV-1 and HSV-2. These viruses enter human body through mucous membranes. These are the thin lining found in the nose, mouth, or genitals. After a virus enters inside a human body, it incorporates itself into a nerve cell of the pelvis. Viruses multiply and adapt to their environment at a high rate, hence, it is difficult to treat them. Once herpes genitalis transmission is done from an infected person to a healthy person, viruses can be found in the saliva, semen, or secretions of the vagina of the newly affected person.

How Is Herpes Genitalis Diagnosed?

A doctor might diagnose herpes genitalis merely by having a look at the herpes sores. If this visual examination does not confirm the presence of infection, your doctor also runs some laboratory tests.It is wiser to have a blood test done for the infection before herpes sores start showing up on the body. In fact, symptoms don't always show up. Thus, a blood test is the most reliable method to check the presence of herpes simplex virus.

How Is Herpes Genitalis Treated?

There is no herpes genitalis cure. However, medicines and other methods can reduce symptoms.

  • Medications: To reduce the symptoms of herpes genitalis, medication is suggested by doctors. They help in healing the sores and reduce itching and pain. Herpes genitalis medicine also ensures that future outbreaks get prevented from recurring.
  • Home remedies: Wear very loose clothes to make the affected body area comfortable. Add cleansers in the warm water before taking a bath.

If you are someone who is thinking of getting a diagnosis for herpes or getting treatment for the infection, carefit  can prove very helpful to you. We have a team of experienced doctors who can give you appropriate consultation according to your condition. To save yourself from hassles of waiting for a consultation and high fees, go to carefit's website or app.

How Can Herpes Genitalis be Prevented?

Herpes genitalis prevention can easily be done by following preventive methods that are usually followed in almost every sexually transmitted disease. These methods are as follows:

  • Try to have sex with only one healthy partner at a time.
  • Use condoms while having sex.
  • Try to avoid any kind of sex, be it oral, anal, or vaginal, if you or your partner has an outbreak.

Extra care has to be taken care of if a pregnant lady catches this infection. The baby can get infected during vaginal delivery. The doctor must be informed about the infection of the mother before delivery. In many cases, doctors even go prefer caesarean delivery to avoid baby from getting infected. If left uncared, genital herpes can cause premature birth, or it can even prove fatal for the baby.


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