Adrak Gud Chai For most people, the best way to begin your day is with a steaming cup of chai or tea. Indians for one, love their tea, so it’s only common to find several variations of tea right from lemon tea to masala tea. But an all-time favourite for most is the good old adrak gud chai, or for the need of translation – ginger jaggery tea. It is one of the top healthy drinks, given that tea leaves, as well as ginger, is filled with medicinal properties. Ginger is great for treating cold and flu, and it also helps in dealing with inflammation. Tea on its own boasts of being a great antioxidant. With all of these five easily available ingredients, you can make your very own cup of this comfort drink. All you need is ginger, jaggery (preferable jaggery powder), milk, water, and tea powder. The reason we are suggesting jaggery instead of white sugar is because it is the healthier option. However, if you wish to use the usual white, refined sugar, then you can go ahead and do so. Adrak gud chai is best had in the mornings or in the evenings, however, it works as a refreshing drink after a heavy meal as well. 2-Ingredient Froyo It is that time of the day when you’re craving for a snack. How about you opt for healthy snacks that you can make with just two ingredients? We’re talking about an all-time favourite – froyo, or frozen yoghurt! The best part about froyo is that pretty much anyone can make it, and it is a perfect choice if you’re trying to follow a healthy diet. It also makes for one of the most healthy snacks for kids as well. If you’ve got some yoghurt in your fridge, then get ready to whip it up with some fruit, and your very own froyo is ready! It is fun to make and since you’re adding fruits, it is extremely healthy as well. Yoghurt on its own works as a probiotic, so it promotes the health of your gut, keeping the good bacteria in place while eliminating any bad bacteria. In this case, we have to use the king of fruits, our very own aam or mango, but you can go ahead and throw in any other of your favourite fruits such as strawberry, blueberries, or bananas. Cashew Butter What if we told you that you could make your own butter with literally two ingredients, no hassles, and in less than twenty minutes? Yes, this cashew butter recipe is just what you need if you’re looking for a plant-based option instead of your usual processed butter. This one is also great if you’re just trying your hand at being vegan. Cashew, it goes without saying, is extremely healthy. It has been proven that cashews are good for heart health, can promote healthier skin, and is a rich source of dietary fibre. You get the right amount of fats and carbohydrates with this nut butter. You can slather this home-made delicacy on your toasts, or simply dig into it with a spoon and enjoy it plainly when you’re hungry! All you require to make your own cashew butter, are cashew nuts (of course), and some salt. You can store up this butter for several days in an airtight container if kept in a cool, dry place. Laccha Paratha Laccha paratha stirs up fond memories for most, particularly those from the northern states of India. A traditional Indian household delicacy, lachha paratha is a simple, flaky, soft, yet crispy paratha or Indian bread, that is characterized by its folds. Laccha paratha is made with both atta (whole wheat) or maida (refined flour). If you’re particular about a healthier option, then go ahead and use atta instead of maida. Laccha paratha is easy to make and is delicious when paired with any curry of your choice. If you’re a vegetarian, you can have laccha paratha with something simple like dhal, or something heavier like a vegetable korma or paneer butter masala. If you’re a meat lover, then go ahead and enjoy your laccha paratha with some chicken or mutton gravy! Laccha paratha is a great option for both lunches as well as for dinner. All that you need to make laccha paratha are a few basic ingredients, namely atta or maida, water, curd, and salt, and oil. These are the primary ingredients that are needed to make laccha paratha, however, you can take this up a notch by adding a few extra ingredients to enhance the flavour, such as spinach or methi leaves. You simply have to add a few leaves to the dough as you are making it. To take the health quotient higher, you can accompany this with a lot of vegetables as well. Boiled Brown Rice Now more than ever, we see a lot of people making the switch to brown rice from the usual white rice. And this is for good reason. Brown rice boasts of several more health benefits than white rice. It is extremely rich in fibre and has a low glycaemic index. Additionally, brown rice is a much more sensible option if you are looking to lose weight since it gives you a feeling of being full and satiated for a longer time. Brown rice can also take care of your heart health, as it keeps a tab on your cholesterol levels. Most of the health benefits that are associated with brown rice are due to the fact that it is a whole grain. Whole grains essentially have the endosperm, bran, as well as the germ. In the case of refined grains such as white rice, however, the grains only contain the endosperm, while the bran and germ are removed, making it lose its nutritional value. Opting for brown rice instead of white rice is a great opting if you want to lead a healthier life, particularly if you are suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. To make boiled brown rice, all you need is the required amount of the grains, some water, and a little salt to taste. You can have brown rice with any sort of gravy or curry, or have it with stir-fried vegetables or cooked meat. The beauty of all these recipes is that they are all extremely simple to make, they taste amazing, and they are all made with five ingredients or less, all which are easily available in your kitchen. We all have days when we want to refrain from the usual elaborate cooking routines, and these dishes are just what you need on such days. Try your best to opt for the healthier alternatives that we have suggested, in order to keep yourself at your peak, health-wise. For example, make sure you opt for jaggery instead of refined white sugar, and brown rice instead of white rice. Make sure you incorporate a good exercise regime as a part of your daily routine as well. So now that you have the recipe to some of the healthy foods to eat, you can go ahead and start cooking!

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