What is Eye Pain?

Eye pain is something that is very common and happens to a lot of individuals. It is on very rare occasions the symptom of a serious condition and in most cases can be resolved without any treatment or medicine. Another name for this condition is called ophthalmalgia. Depending on where the individual faces discomfort, this condition is often divided into two types of eye pain that doctors have identified:

  1. Ocular pain which occurs on the surface of the eye
  2. Orbital pain within the eye

Eye Pain Symptoms 

There are not too many Eye Pain symptoms that there to know about. The nature of the condition is such that the symptoms which show up are extremely limited in nature. However, despite that, there are a few ones which we have listed below for your reference and knowledge:

  1. Experiencing an unusual kind of discharge from the eyes which is either thick or colored
  2. Experiencing a kind of twitching in the eyes
  3. Experiencing watering from the eyes
  4. Having less vision
  5. Experiencing sudden and frequent headaches
  6. Becoming sensitive to light
  7. The feeling of nausea and vomiting
  8. A red eye or pink eye

These are some of the reasons for Eye Pain that doctors have been able to identify. 

Who is at Risk? 

There are various Eye Pain risk factors as it can happen to anyone due to multiple reasons. Some individuals are more sensitive to this condition as compared to others. However, experts have been able to identify certain risk factors related to this. We have mentioned them below for your reference and understanding of the same:

  1. An individual with a habit of constantly rubbing the eyes
  2. Someone who spends a better part of their day in front of a laptop of mobile and has very high screen time
  3. An incorrect eyeglass prescription
  4. Swimming in highly chlorinated water

Eye Pain Causes

 There are many factors that lead to Eye Pain causes that have been identified by researchers. This is also based on the type of pain that the individual is suffering from. We have discussed below for your understanding some of these causes across the types in detail:

  1. When a foreign object like makeup, dirt, or eyelash enters the eye causing irritation and redness
  2. Conjunctivitis due to some infection or allergy
  3. Irritation from contact lenses due to wearing them overnight or not disinfecting them properly
  4. Corneal abrasion

These are some common causes that are known to cause this condition. 

How is Eye Pain diagnosed? 

For Eye Pain diagnosis, an Eye Pain doctor will need to perform a certain number of tests for this condition as there is no one common test to understand the root cause of the problem. As mentioned, the doctor may then have to conduct multiple tests to get a proper understanding of the problem:

  1. The doctor will use a variety of different tools to diagnose this condition
  2. An exam like a slit-lamp exam will be done to look at the structure of the individual’s eye
  3. Use dilating drops in order to expand the pupil so that the doctor can see deep inside your eyes.
  4. Using a tonometer to measure the pressure of the eyes too.

How is Eye Pain Treated? 

There are different methods for Eye Pain treatment. The treatment depends upon the cause of the pain. Some of these treatments can be easily carried out at home as well. We have mentioned in brief the process of treatment:

  1. Give your eyes some rest from the screen
  2. Wear glasses if you constantly wear a lens
  3. A warm compress
  4. If needed then the Doctor may prescribe some medicine for eye pain.

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How can Eye Pain be prevented?

 Prevention of Eye Pain starts with protecting the eyes. However, having said that there are still some simple measures that should be kept in mind. These can be done easily in consultation with your doctor. Some of these have been mentioned below for your understanding and consideration:

  1. Wear safety glasses or goggles while playing sports, mowing the lawn, swimming, exercising, or working with hand tools.
  2. If you are using chemicals like household cleaners, pest control or something else then handle it with care.

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