Most often, the term “exercises” puts the focus on your abs, strong shoulders, chiselled backs, and toned legs. People rarely talk about toning their facial muscles. Interestingly, there are over 57 muscles in our face and these require as much toning and working out as the rest of the body. You can do weight loss exercise wishing to shed the extra kgs from your belly, but the extra fat under your chin also requires a face slim exercise. 
If you do not perform a face slimming workout, your facial muscles can become flabby and weak. So, if you want a charming face with toned cheeks and jawline, it is time to start exercise for face slimming.
To help you with this workout, we have gathered some of the best exercises to slim the face. These can be done easily at home at any time. Take a look!

How To Slim Your Face: Top 7 Exercises You Must Try

1. Fish Face

One of the simplest and most famous exercises to slim the face, fish face works on the cheek muscles. If you have ever taken a selfie with a pout, you can easily learn how to slim your face with this exercise. 
All you need to do is suck your cheeks inside and push your lips inwards just like a fish. Try to hold this position and start a smile. Repeat this exercise every now and then to get a slim face. 

2. Mouthwash Technique 

This is another face slim exercise that involves your cheek. The mouthwash technique works on improving the blood circulation in your facial muscles. This, in turn, helps in strengthening your upper cheeks muscles and slims your face. 
To do this exercise, you need to fill your mouth with air and keep your lips shut. Hold the inflated cheeks for 10 seconds. Now, without releasing the air, shift it towards your right cheek and hold it again for the next 10 seconds. Repeat on the left cheek. Try this several times a day. 

3. Chin lifts

It is time to move a bit lower to your jaw and chin. For slimming the lower part of your face, you should definitely try the chin lifts. This face slimming exercise also eliminates the double chin and any other extra fat under the chin area. 
To do this face workout, you have to sit or stand in a relaxed manner. Now, move your head backwards so that your front neck and the chin area get stretched. Move backwards as much as you can. Now, open your mouth and try to reach your upper lip with your lower lip. Hold the pose for 10 seconds. Keep looking upwards. Do at least 10 sets of 10 seconds-rep. 

4. Neck Roll

When you search for exercise for face slimming, you will definitely find neck roll on the list. This is an effective exercise that helps in losing the double chin and also toning down your jawline, chin, and neck muscles. 
To do this exercise for face slimming, you need to first sit or stand in a comfortable manner. Then bend your head towards the right side with your chin in line. Slowly, move your head in a circular motion. While doing so, ensure that your spine is straight and the shoulders are not hunched. Repeat neck roll in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. 

5. Under-eye pull

While learning how to slim face with exercise, you should also focus on exercises that focus on your eye area too. It may not be to remove the excess fat but to improve the blood flow around the eyes to prevent eye bags and dark circles. An under-eye pull is one such exercise. 
To do this, you have to place your index finger and the middle finger at both sides of your eyes, making a “V”. You can look into a mirror to perform this exercise. Now, slowly and gently pull your under-eye muscles outwards. Don’t forget to close your eyes. 

6. Raise your brows

Adding a forehead exercise in your face slimming workout makes sure that you engage all the muscles in your face. Raising your brows, for instance, keeps your eyebrows up and also removes any wrinkles that can appear due to the action of frontalis muscles on the forehead. This is also a great workout for your sagging eyebrows. 
To do this face exercise for slim face and younger-looking skin, you need to place your index and middle fingers below your eyebrows. Then rest your other fingers and palms on the face. Keep your eyes open as you lift your eyebrows up and down. Relax and repeat. 

7. Lion Face

Also known as the Simha Mudra, this exercise for face slimming is actually a famous yoga pose. It involves your tongue and the pose may make you feel silly. But when you realize the benefits of this face slimming exercise, the weirdness won’t matter at all. Lion face stretches all your facial muscles and also tones them. In short, it is like a full-face exercise for slim face. 
To do this, you first need to sit comfortably. Now kneel down and place your hands on your thighs. Open your mouth wide and drop the jaw open. Stick your tongue out so much so that it touches your chin. Stretch as much as you can. While doing this, breathe through your mouth and make a sound that imitates that of a lion’s roar. Repeat it a couple of times. 

Benefits of Doing Face Slimming Workout

Along with learning how to slim face with exercise, you should also be aware of the extra benefits you can enjoy with this workout at home. The benefits include:  

  • An exercise for face slimming also reduces early signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • It can also tone the blood circulation and release tension from the face. 
  • It can also help you get rid of dark circles, a puffy face, or sagging skin. 
  • With regular exercise for face slimming, you can also release toxins from your skin pores and make it fresh and radiant. 


Whether you want to get rid of a double chin or wish to slow down the signs of ageing, face slimming workout can help you in both. Just make sure you perform them on a regular basis and also include a healthy skincare routine and nutritious diet to complement it.

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