A full-body strengthening workout consists of using a variety of muscle groups in your body rather than focusing on just a single group of muscles. Body strengthening exercises help work out the muscles across your lower body, upper body as well as the core. While cardio exercises are deemed to be effective in helping you stay fit and energetic, strengthening exercises help increase bone density and reduce your chances of bone fractures. Body strength exercises focus on making your muscles work more than they are used, this helps strengthen them, benefitting you in the long run. Combining muscle-strengthening and aerobic exercise is a great way to enhance your full body strength. The best part is that you can go ahead with strength exercises at home as long as you keep good form and follow the necessary precautions. With a few different weighted dumbbells, a stick or a bar, and a mat, you are all set for body strengthening exercises.

Precautions Before Starting Full Body Strengthening Workout

Before you start a body-strengthening workout, it is crucial to take a look at the different precautions. This is why most of the industry experts recommend training under an experienced trainer initially.If you have any illness, injuries, or other medical conditions, you need to see your healthcare provider before you proceed with a full-body strengthening workout. As a general rule, it is advised to use a weight that is just heavy enough so that you can finish the reps with good form while doing strength exercises at home. Experts in the industry advise starting with no weight at all or less weight when you start initially and gradually increase the weight over time. To have an effective full-body strengthening workout, you need to stick to training hard for three days a week. This allows your body to recover optimally between training sessions. While the recommended time for a strengthening exercise is about thirty minutes, it may depend on the number of reps and sets. Even if you are physically fit, it is a good idea to start with beginner exercises to build strength and then move through to more advanced exercises. You need to include upper and lower body strength exercises in your full-body strengthening workout to engage different muscle groups. Beginners need to start with one set of twelve reps of each workout with a thirty-second rest period between exercises of the full-body strengthening workout. As you build up stamina and strength, you can do up to three sets of twelve reps with a weight that is just challenging enough to allow you to complete twelve reps. Adding one a week with a rest period of thirty to forty-five seconds between exercises is a great way to move from the beginner phase of the full-body strengthening workout to the advanced phase. You can combine body strengthening workouts with regular cardio followed by a healthy diet to see a noticeable difference in your weight loss journey. You need to do these exercises to build strength, lean muscle and get six pack abs.

Total Body Strengthening Exercises

Start your strength and conditioning workouts with light cardio for five to ten minutes. You can opt to do jumping jacks or in-place jogging or any other cardio activity you are comfortable with. Once your body has warmed up, try the following body strengthening workouts that are focused on working out different muscle groups at the same time. These body strengthening exercises for beginners can be made more challenging by increasing the number of sets and weights.

1. Squat

This body strengthening workout requires you to stand with your feet apart while you hold the weights at your sides or over your shoulders. You need to engage your core as you bend your knees to lower your body slowly. Remember to keep your back straight and your knees behind your toes. Use your heels to stand up and then repeat.Sets: 12 reps per set (1 to 3 sets)

2. Hip Hinge

This body strengthening workout works on your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. Place a barbell or even a broomstick on your trapezius muscles behind your neck. Then engage your abdominal muscles as you hinge at your hips. The movement will feel as if you are moving your hips backwards. Make sure your chest and head remain up and forward while your back remains straight. Breathe in slowly as you return to the initial position of this strengthening exercise.Sets: 12 reps per set (1 to 3 sets)

3. Dumbbell Row

This is one of the best upper body strength exercises to include in your routine. You need to ace your right leg forward as you get into a lunge position while your back leg remains straight with your upper body tilted slightly forward. Keep your shoulders back and the chest opens as you place a dumbbell in your left hand. Then squeeze your back as you pull the weight up while you bend your elbows like a rowing position. Then return to the initial position and repeat. You need to do one set with your right leg forward and then the next set with your left leg forward.Sets: 12 reps per set (1 to 3 sets)

4. Reverse Lunge

A great choice for strength exercises at home, the reverse lunge is also very effective. You may use a chair or a wall for balance if you are doing this body strengthening workout for the first time. You need to stand tall and then place your right foot about three feet back. Gradually lower your hips and bend your knees till your front leg is parallel to the ground. Remember to keep your front knee right over your ankle. Then use your front heel to bring your right foot forward. Repeat this workout twelve times before switching legs.Sets: 12 reps per set (1 to 3 sets)

5. Overhead Press

Overhead are popular upper body strength exercises. You need to sit or stand while you engage your abdominal muscles with the dumbbells over your shoulders. Remember to keep your elbows bent. Then press the dumbbells overhead by concentrating on your shoulders and without moving your back. Lower the dumbbells till they are near your ears and then repeat.Sets: 12 reps per set (1 to 3 sets)Some of the other popular body strength exercises you can include in your full body strengthening workout at home are side lunges, hammer curls, push-ups, and skull crushers. Remember to include upper and lower body strength exercises to create the perfect full body strengthening workout routine. Exercises for strength are all about arm balances and using your body weight to work out your muscles. Strengthening exercises are a great way to get your body into shape and lose all those extra pounds as you make full body strengthening workouts a part of your daily routine.

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