Erectile dysfunction

What is Erectile dysfunction?Erectile Dysfunction (ED), often referred to as impotency, is an inability in men to get or keep an erection firm enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. ED can happen at any stage of the erection process and can render sexual intercourse difficult or impossible for men. It often happens due to stress, mental or emotional difficulties, or sometimes due to health problems.Erectile dysfunction symptomsErectile dysfunction symptoms vary depending upon how severely one is impacted. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Trouble in getting an erection
  • Difficulty in maintaining or keeping an erection during sexual intercourse
  • Losing arousal during sexual intercourse
  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Premature ejaculation

Who is at Risk?There are many risk factors that increase one’s likelihood of getting Erectile Dysfunction. These are often related to the blood circulation in the body, health conditions, etc. Some of the Erectile Dysfunction risk factors include:

  • As one gets older, it gets difficult for them to get or maintain an erection. With an increase in age, one may require more stimulation to maintain their erection.
  • People, both young and old, experience Erectile Dysfunction if they are dealing with stress.
  • Erectile Dysfunction is common in people who are obese or overweight
  • People with medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, neurological disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc have high chances of ED
  • Loss of confidence, body-image issues, anxiety, depression, etc are related to ED
  • Sustaining an injury, particularly in the pelvic area, can cause Erectile Dysfunction
  • People who smoke and drink regularly experience Erectile Dysfunction commonly

Erectile Dysfunction CausesErectile Dysfunction causes differ depending upon the lifestyle, habits, health conditions, etc of individuals. However, here are some of the possible cause of ed for you down below:

  • Underlying medical conditions like Cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, diabetes, kidney disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc
  • Lifestyle Disease like Obesity, sleep disorders, under-weight, etc,
  • Mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, etc.
  • Relationship Problems
  • Side-effect of medicines
  • Too much of smoking, consuming alcohol or substance abuse
  • Physical damage or undergone surgery in the pelvic area

How is Erectile Dysfunction diagnosed?One can identify Erectile Dysfunction as the inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough to indulge in sexual intercourse. But doctors undertake either physical examination, medical history, or tests for Erectile Dysfunction diagnosis. Here are some of the tests that doctors might ask to undertake:

  • Physical Exam: Careful examination of testicles and penis to test the sensory nerves
  • Blood and Urine tests: Blood and urine samples are taken to identify underlying medical conditions, testosterone levels, diabetes, etc.
  • Ultrasound: Video images are taken around the abdomen and pelvic area to understand the blood circulation
  • Psychological examination: The doctor might ask a series of questions and diagnose mental health and emotional aspects to understand if ED is because of a psychological barrier

Erectile Dysfunction diagnosis gets easier with Curefit ‚Äď Your round-the-clock healthcare partner. With on-time consultations, digital records, diet plans, exercise routines, etc you can diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases on time. Download the App or browse through the website to schedule an appointment with your endocrinologist now. ¬†How is Erectile Dysfunction treated?ED treatment is done after understanding the underlying cause of the disease.

  • Medications: The doctor may prescribe over-the-counter medicines to treat erectile dysfunction like Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), etc. to treat ED medically.
  • Testosterone Therapy: People with low testosterone levels undergo testosterone therapy (TRT)
  • Vacuum Pumps: Stimulation is created with the help of vacuum pumps to improve the flow of blood to the penis. A Vacuum pump consists of a plastic tube, a pump, and an elastic ring that helps maintain the erection.
  • Talk Therapy: To address the psychological factors like depression, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, body-image issues, etc. doctors recommend a therapist for an ed cure Talk Therapy where the discussions, questions, and answers, etc. help ease the patient heal from within.

How can Erectile Dysfunction be prevented?Erectile Dysfunction prevention can be done through healthy lifestyle changes. Here are some of the simple ways:

  • Exercise Regularly: 30-45 minutes of daily exercises help in improving blood circulation, dealing with stress, staying fit, and active. It reduces the chances of ED.
  • Healthy Diet: Eating nutritious and healthy food keeps you away from medical conditions
  • Quit Smoking and Drinking: If you smoke or drink, its time to quit. Its one of the primary reasons for ED and can result in a variety of other health conditions too.
  • Mental Wellness: Practice mindfulness, and mental wellness therapies to manage stress, anxiety, depression, etc for mental health.
  • Take good care of yourself: Keep yourself in pink of health and take control of any underlying medical condition to stay active and happy
  • Kegel Exercises: These exercises are meant for the pelvic area. They can be of help to prevent from any age-related Erectile Dysfunction concerns.

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