What is Dyslipidemia?

Dyslipidemia refers to a condition in which an individual has unhealthy levels of one or more kinds of fat or lipid in their blood. If you have been diagnosed with this, it means that your triglycerides are high. This condition is primarily divided into primary and secondary types. The different types of Dyslipidemia that we know about have been mentioned below for your understanding:

  1. Familial combined hyperlipidemia
  2. Polygenic hypercholesterolemia
  3. Familial hypercholesterolemia
  4. Familial hyperapobetalipoproteinemia

These are some of the different primary and secondary types that experts know of.

 Dyslipidemia Symptoms 

The Dyslipidemia symptoms are such that you could be having this condition and still not get to know about it. high cholesterol levels similarly like high blood pressure do not have any obvious symptoms. It is most often understood after getting a blood test done. Some common symptoms have been listed below:

  1. Experiencing leg pain, especially while standing or walking
  2. Sudden dizziness
  3. Vomiting and feeling of nausea
  4. Shortness of breath and feel tightness or pressure in the chest
  5. Daytime exhaustion and problems in sleeping
  6. Increased heart palpitations
  7. Chest pain
  8. Pressure, pain, and tightness in the jaw, neck, back, and shoulders
  9. Heartburn and indigestion
  10. Cold sweats
  11. Fainting
  12. Swelling in the ankles, legs, feet, veins of the back, and stomach

Who is at Risk? 

There are a large number of Dyslipidemia risk factors that all individuals should be aware of. We have mentioned them below for your reference:  

  1. Consuming alcohol and tobacco
  2. Type 2 diabetes
  3. Being obese and having a sedentary lifestyle
  4. Using illicit or illegal drugs
  5. Lack of regular physical exercise
  6. Hypothyroidism
  7. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections
  8. Old age
  9. Liver conditions or chronic kidney
  10. Eating a diet that is rich in trans fat and saturated fat
  11. If you have a grandparent or parent who has also suffered from this
  12. Women once they have reached menopause because they have higher LDL levels.

Dyslipidemia Causes 

Dyslipidemia causes are dependent on various factors as per experts. Common causes across the different types that experts have been able to identify include:

  1. Excessive alcohol consumption or alcoholism and increased smoking levels
  2. Being obese and having excess weight and fat around the waist area
  3. Suffering from inflammatory bowel disease which is also known as IBS
  4. When a person is suffering from Cushing's syndrome
  5. Consuming a diet that is high in trans fat and saturated fat
  6. Suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome
  7. A Metabolic syndrome
  8. An abdominal aortic aneurysm
  9. Certain sexually transmitted diseases and severe infections like HIV

How is Dyslipidemia diagnosed?

 For Dyslipidemia diagnosis, a doctor will conduct various tests to check for HDL, LDL, and triglycerides. There are certain Dyslipidemia tests that a doctor will conduct if they suspect that you might be suffering from it.

  1. The doctor will ask you to get a blood test done to check for levels of HDL, LDL and triglycerides and see if they are in the high, low or a healthy range.
  2. These numbers often change year on year and therefore it is advisable to get a blood test done annually so you know exactly what is going on inside your body.
  3. The doctor may conduct more frequent blood tests if there are any medicines that you are taking.

How is Dyslipidemia treated? 

Dyslipidemia treatment is done through certain medicines that help in the reduction of LSL levels in the body. Doctors usually prescribe medicine for Dyslipidemia and it must not be taken without their advice. Other additional medicines for cholesterol may also be prescribed. Cult.fit is your friendly neighborhood health care provider that offers a variety of services for various health conditions. They have on their team some of the best cardiologists from all over India to attend to any and all medical requirements. Their services are listed on their app and website which you can download on both App Store and Google Store. You should consider them if you are looking for a good Dyslipidemia cure.

How can Dyslipidemia be prevented? 

Dyslipidemia prevention depends from individual to individual, however, there are certain common things that can be done to prevent it:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight by following a healthy diet and including regular exercise in your daily routine.
  2. If you are in the habit of smoking then you should consider quitting it as it is only going to harm you further.
  3. If you having a family history of high cholesterol levels then include some sort of movement in your daily life otherwise once the numbers start rising they can lead to a number of different diseases.

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