In the past year or so, we all have realized the value of doing workouts at home. Whether it is general workout that help you stretch your body or it is a dumbbell ab workout, it helps a lot of you know how to do exercises by yourself. 

That being said, everything is also getting back to normal. People have started hitting the gym again to reach their annual goal of getting a fit body. To conclude, you need to do every major workout so well that you can perform it both at home and the gym. 

Today, we are going to talk about one of the most important workouts you are ever going to learn and do in your life: dumbbell ab workout. Many people think that they need heavy gym equipment and the constant supervision of a gym trainer but that is not true. You don’t need big equipment as you can simply build abs with dumbbells.

But things look easier on paper; when you try to do them in real life, it gets a little complicated. The same goes for dumbbell exercises for abs. There are a lot of ins and outs of the dumbbell ab workout that you need to know. For example, if you are a beginner, you need to know how to perform the best ab exercises with dumbbells. 

If you are getting overwhelmed thinking of gym and home workout for developing abs, we have got your back. We have carefully curated a guide about the perfect dumbbell ab workout. In the guide, we have discussed the 5 best dumbbell exercises for abs. If you are interested in getting a ripped body with the help of dumbbells, you should definitely check out the full guide: 

5 Best Dumbbell Exercises

  1. Swing

If you know how to do the classic kettlebell swing, learning swing is going to be an easy job for you. It is one of those best ab exercises with dumbbells that involve the hip hinge. In fact, swing pushes you to do the core foundational body movements that are necessary to master before you start doing an intense weight training program. 

Here is your step-by-step on doing swing the right way:

  • Hold one dumbbell in both your hands.
  • Bend the body from your hips to lower down the dumbbell in between your legs.¬†
  • Now, push the hips forward and raise them up to the height of your shoulders.
  • Reverse back down to the initial position where you started the exercise.¬†

To get optimum results, do 15 reps without almost zero rest. 

  1. Side bend

Most people do abs workout at home with dumbbells that put too much focus on the crunch, leaving time and energy space for developing the obliques. Thankfully, the side bend is not one of those exercises. It actually targets your obliques and provides a solid foundation for rotational strength. If you play contact sports or do a job where you have to do manual work, this exercise is going to prove beneficial for you.

Here is your step-by-step on doing side bend the right way:

  • Stand straight on a yoga mat and hold a dumbbell in one hand.¬†
  • Keep your chest up and lower down the dumbbell (this will engage your obliques).
  • Complete the reps with one hand and then switch the hand.¬†

To get optimum results, do 15 reps without almost zero rest. 

  1. Woodchop

Adding to the list of oblique-targeting abs workout at home with dumbbells, woodchop also strengthens your core and improves body coordination. The faster you rotate your torso, the earlier you will develop a ripped body. 

Here is your step-by-step on doing woodchop the right way:

  • Get in the squat position and hold a dumbbell in your hand to one side of your body.¬†
  • Raise the dumbbell across your body to the level of your head.
  • Now, back down the dumbbell and do all the reps in a similar fashion.¬†
  • Switch the hand and do reps again.¬†

To get optimum results, do 15 reps without almost zero rest. 

  1. Crunch

This is one of the most famous dumbbell ab exercises to be included in your best dumbbell ab workout. And the fame is justified as this exercise stimulates your abdominals and improves your core strength. If you want to increase the difficulty of this exercise, you can simply do that by increasing the weight. Start crunches with your abs muscles instead of hip flexors. 

Here is your step-by-step on doing woodchop the right way:

  • Lie flat with bent knees on a yoga mat.¬†
  • Hold a dumbbell to your chest using both hands.¬†
  • Now, raise the torso while engaging your upper abs with dumbbells.¬†
  • Slowly, start lowering down the torso and repeat the reps.¬†

To get optimum results, do 15 reps without almost zero rest.

  1. Russian twist

If you are interested in doing dumbbell workouts that put an enormous strain on your upper and lower labs, you should add the Russian twist to your best dumbbell ab workout. When you twist your body, you engage your obliques. Along with working on your abs, this exercise also stabilizes your body on heavy lifts. 

Here is your step-by-step on doing woodchop the right way:

  • Start the exercise with the top of the crunch (just ensure that your feet are off the ground).¬†
  • Twist your body back and forth while keeping the abs braced.¬†
  • One twist on the left side and another twist on the right side will be counted as one rep.¬†

To get optimum results, do 15 reps with a rest of 60 seconds between each rep. 

Standing dumbbell ab workout is considered better for developing abs as they engage more muscles that wrap around the torso. Along with that, a standing dumbbell workout also burns more calories. 

Incorporate these exercises in your dumbbell ab workout and you will feel the difference in abs muscles within a few weeks. Once you start getting comfortable with the exercise, you can increase both weights and reps. Just remember to control the pace of the exercises. 

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