What is a diaper rash?

‚ÄćDiaper rash, also known as diaper dermatitis is the term that is used to describe an inflammatory skin condition that develops in the diaper area. It is one of the common problems in infants between the age of 9 months to 12 months. Almost half of the babies face this problem at some point in time.Most of the diaper rashes are short-lived and can be treated at home, but some require proper treatment.Fortunately, most cases of diaper rash are short-lived and resolve with home treatment. This topic review discusses the most common causes, treatment recommendations, and strategies to prevent diaper rash.

‚ÄćDiaper rash symptoms

‚ÄćThe diaper rash symptoms include blisters on the diaper areas, mild fever, redness & irritation in the diaper area, swelling in the diaper area. Also, you can see the discharge of pus from the diaper area. The baby starts feeling uncomfortable, especially while changing the diaper.Types of diaper rashes -There are basically two types of diaper rashes -

  • Rashes caused or worsened by a diaper - It can be caused by irritation, infection, or allergic reaction. It can be commonly observed if the infant is taking antibiotics or is suffering from diarrhea.
  • Rashes not related to diaper use - it can be seen in the diaper area but not necessarily caused by the diaper. It can be due to bacterial infection, psoriasis, scabies, and many other things.

Diaper rash prevention

‚ÄćYou can easily prevent the diaper rashes by following some basic hygiene -

  • It is recommended to change the diaper frequently as it helps in maintaining proper hygiene. Also, good quality cloth or diapers should be used, as it helps in preventing the rashes.
  • Disposable diapers should be used as they are highly absorbent & are designed to minimize skin exposure & wetness.
  • In case you are using the cloth diapers, avoid the plastic to cover, also, it should be properly washed in the hot water with bleach.
  • The skin in the diaper area should be cleaned properly. Also, make sure that the product you are using is alcohol-free & fragrance-free.
  • Baby wipes should be avoided as it makes the skin irritated & open sores.
  • Dried feces should be loosened using the oil. Never rub the skin unnecessarily and use a soft towel to dry the area.
  • If the skin is peeling or broken, clean the area with the warm water. Avoid unnecessary rubbing as it will worsen the skin. Pat it nicely with a soft & dry towel.
  • If you find that the diaper rash is not improving, consult a doctor immediately.

Diaper rash diagnosis

In various cases, it is possible to cure the diaper rashes at home or without the help of a healthcare provider. But in case the rashes turn out to be severe, or any other symptoms like discomfort, fever, stool, etc. can be witnessed, then you should contact a pediatrician immediately. Diaper rash treatment -Diaper rashes can be treated by -

  • Diaper-free - This is one of the best ways to treat diaper rashes. Reduce the contact of skin with the urine & feces by allowing the child to go without a diaper. Allow the skin to breathe. Also, if the diaper is used, change it frequently, i.e., every 2 or 3 hours.
  • Ointment - Skin ointment can prove to be really very effective to prevent the diaper rashes. Apply the ointment every time you change the diaper. This thin layer of petroleum jelly will prevent sticking to the diaper. Also, make sure that they are alcohol & fragrance-free.
  • Powder - It helps in reducing friction & moisture. However, it is not recommended that much.
  • Antibiotics - If the infant develops some kind of skin reaction or allergy, consult healthcare. They will prescribe some antibiotics or ointments, that will help in curing the diaper rashes.

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