As you start ageing, you will notice that the shape of your face also starts to change. This is because of the fat build-up in the neck. It causes your skin to start sagging, which brings about the shrinkage of your jaw muscles. So if you want a defined jawline, it is time you started adding facial exercises to your daily workout routine.Although your jawline is predetermined by genetics and age, facial exercises can help define your jawline to an extent. Doing exercise to reduce face fat brings about subtle changes to your face, resulting in sharper cheekbones and a chiselled jawline. In addition, studies have shown that performing regular face slimming exercises for over twenty weeks will lead to fuller cheeks and a younger-looking face. Besides helping you look young, facial exercises also help prevent pain in your head, neck, and jaw. These exercises also help reduce chronic pain caused by temporomandibular disorders in jaw muscles, nerves, and bones.Attractiveness is measured in different scales during different periods. However, a well-defined jawline has always been regarded as a sign of beauty. Fortunately, facial exercises can help you achieve what genetics failed to provide. People are often judged based on their looks. This is one of the reasons why humans are always trying to look better by taking better care of their hygiene, hair health and skin. A strong jawline in men has been described as an attractive feature by a majority of women. Women with strong cheekbones and a well-defined jawline are considered attractive across the globe. If you want to reduce face fat and have an interesting jawline of your own, you can always try your hand at facial exercises.

Facial Exercise To Reduce Face Fat

Research has already proved that facial exercises can help lose face fat. It is time to try these exercises out and get a defined jawline of your own. Here is a couple of the most popular exercise to reduce face fat:

1. Neck Curl Up

Neck curl-ups are similar to abdominal crunches or curls. This workout activates your neck muscles which are not often used. Remember to take it slow and stop in case you experience any pain or discomfort.Step1: Lay down on the floor or a flat surface on your back and slowly press your tongue on the roof of your mouth.Step 2: Then, bring your chin towards your chest as you lift your head a few inches off the floor.Step 3: Then gradually bring back your head to the ground and repeat.

2. Vowel Exercises

This facial exercise targets the muscles you use when you sound out vowels with your mouth. It is one of the easier face slimming exercises and can be done anywhere when you have a few minutes to yourself.Step 1: Open your mouth as you would create an O sound. Try to exaggerate the vowel sound to help tighten the muscles.Step 2: Then make an exaggerated E sound with your mouth.Step 3: Keep alternating between the O¬Ě and E sounds to reduce face fat.

3. Collarbone Backup

The Collarbone backup facial exercise is an effective exercise for beautiful face shape. It engages the muscles that are responsible for supporting your jaw. It is the best facial exercise for chubby cheeks.Step 1: Sit on a chair or the ground and keep your head straight.Step 2: Then slowly move your head a few inches backward till you feel your neck muscles contract and relax. Your ears need to remain behind your shoulders.Step 3: Repeat this exercise ten times and try to level up by gradually holding the position for thirty seconds.

4. Chin-Up

The Chin-up exercise is one of the best face exercises for jawline. It includes working out the facial muscles found in the lower half of your face. Chin-ups are often recommended among face exercises for double chin.Step 1: Sit in a chair or on the ground and close your mouth. Then slowly move your jaw forward.Step 2: Then gently lift up your low lip. Continue pushing till you can feel your chin muscles and jawline stretch.Step 3: Remain in this position for around ten seconds and then repeat this face exercise for women and men around fifteen times.

5. Tongue Twister

The tongue twister is an effective exercise to reduce face fat. It targets the muscles below your chin and helps tone down your jawline.Step 1: Keep your tongue along the roof of your mouth so that it is just behind your teeth.Step 2: Then press your tongue on the roof of your mouth.Step 3: Then hum or make a vibrating sound that helps activate your muscles. Repeat these face muscle exercises fifteen times.

6. Jawbone Restorer

This facial exercise for chubby cheeks is popular all over the world. This is because it activates the muscles present in your jawline.Step 1: Place both your thumbs at the tip of your chin, and allow your other fingers to rest beneath each ear.Step 2: Then, push your chin towards your thumbs and create resistance. Then move your thumbs along your jawbone with slight pressure till you reach below your ears.Step 3: Repeat this fifteen times.Many people also indulge in face exercise for glowing skin, while others prefer face exercises for double chin. Regardless of the reason behind doing face exercises for double chin, you are sure to end up with a defined jawline that will make you look younger. While doing face muscle exercises, it is important to start slow. Usually, muscles along the jaw and the neck tend to be underdeveloped. This means that performing exercises to lose face fat too quickly may cause neck strain or cramp. According to the experts, you need to start face exercises for the jawline slowly and build your way up. It is essential to have good form when you do face exercise for glowing skin. Once you lose face fat, the muscles along your neck and jawline will be better developed as well. Add these face exercise for men and women to your routine and get a chiselled look today.

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July 8, 2022

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