Top 13 Ways to Minimize Hair Fall

Hair fall can be prevented or stopped by making few changes in our lifestyle and diet. Few ways to stop hair fall are:1. Wash your Hair Regularly Washing hair regularly preferably with mild shampoo keeps your scalp and hair clean. Clean scalp and hair has lower risk of infection, dandruff and hair loss.2. Eat a Healthy DietEating a healthy diet ensures you get the essential nutrient for a healthy body and hair. Include high-fibre fruits and vegetables in your meals to get high amount of vitamins, iron and other nutrients. 3. Regular Scalp MassageRegular massaging your scalp with essential oils increases the blood circulation of the scalp and keeps the hair follicles active resulting in preventing hair loss.4. Drink plenty of Waterour hair shaft is one fourth water, so staying hydrated increases the growth of your hair and prevents hair fall.5. Don't Brush Hair when WetHair when wet is at their weakest state. So when you brush wet hair, chances of their falling are more. So avoid brushing wet hair.6. Be ActiveActive lifestyle balances your hormones and helps your body to better absorb nutrients from the food. So an active lifestyle reduces hair fall.7. Avoid StressStress leads to hair fall. So indulge in activities like yoga or meditation to reduce stress and hair fall.8. VitaminsVitamin A is good for the healthy production of sebum in the scalp. Vitamin E helps blood circulation within the scalp that facilitates hair follicles of remaining productive. Vitamin B helps to retain a healthy colour. Eating food rich in vitamins is a great hair fall control solution.9. Enrich it with a High Protein DietA diet rich in protein which is effective for limiting hair falling out. Another hair fall solution, home remedies like eating lean meats, fish, soy promotes healthy hair growth.10. Ginger, Onion and Garlic JuiceAnother one of natural remedies for thinning hair, rubbing the juice squeezed from, ginger, onion and garlic on the scalp help. Rub the juice, leave it overnight and wash it in the morning regularly for a week will give noticeable results.11. Green Tea for your HairGreen tea is not just good for your health but for your hair too. Another one of the great home remedies for alopecia, rubbing green tea in your hair can curb hair loss.12. Avoid Smoking and excessive DrinkingSmoking reduces the amount of blood flow to the scalp and reduces hair growth. Drinking too much alcohol also reduces hair growth. Reducing alcohol intake and quitting smoking is also a hair damage cure.13. Avoiding Constant Heat and DryingIf you subject your hair to excessive heat and drying by using styling products like hair dryers or straighteners, then it is a good idea to limit it. Subjecting your hair to heat could lead to dryness, weakness, fragility and heavy hair fall. Restricting the use of heating elements on your hair can be a heavy hair fall remedy.Hair loss is common and there are several things that one can do to prevent it or stop it. It depends on the type and cause of hair loss. Any treatment, medical or home remedy will take time to show its effect and one has to wait patiently to see results.

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