Top 10 Ways to Manage Headaches and Migraine Pain

Headache and Migraine can be effectively prevented and reduced in several ways. Some mild ones can be eliminated too. Most of the Headache remedies are easy to follow and implement in your daily life.Here are 10 ways to prevent and reduce pain due to Headache&Migraine:1. Get Adequate SleepOne of the most common reasons for Headaches and Migraines is too little or too much sleep or disturbed sleep. Doctors recommend getting adequate sleep as one of the best medicines for Headache. Experts recommend setting timings for sleeping and getting up, to get adequate sleep. A person who sleeps adequately is more productive in the day.2. Drink plenty of WaterDehydration even a mild one can be a trigger for Headaches and Migraines. Drinking lots of fluids throughout the day keeps the body hydrated and Headaches and Migraines at bay. Though one can drink juices, tea, and coffee too, but water is the best, as caffeine can also trigger Headaches and Migraines.3. Eat well and frequentlySkipping meals or eating a meal high on carbs and fat such as junk foods, can also act as a trigger for Headaches and Migraines in some people. When one skips meals, their blood sugar lowers and may trigger a Headache or Migraine. Eating regular and healthy meals is a good non-medicinal Migraine cure.4. Maintain a Headache/Migraine DiaryBefore one knows How to cure a Headache or learn Migraine Remedies, they should first understand what triggers or causes their Headaches. The best way to do it to maintain a daily diary in which you can track your daily diet, activities, and other things. This will help you to recognize things or patterns causing your Headaches or Migraines.5. Take out Self-timeMake time for yourself. One should have a specific time every day just for self, without any disturbance or intrusion. You can use that time for anything you like from exercising to meditating or from reading to relaxing. Focus on yourself and your feelings. Self-care is the best medicine for Migraine as it makes you aware of self and relaxes.6. Educate yourself about your ConditionYou are wholly responsible for your health. It is for your betterment, that you should understand your Headaches or Migraines, what causes them, what makes them better, and how best can you help yourself. For this research well to understand your condition, so you can take better care of yourself and lessen the Migraine pain episodes.7. Build a Support GroupWhen you have frequent Headaches or Migraines, you tend to complain about them a lot, as you are irritated. Your family or friends might feel, that is what you constantly talk about and might feel neglected. It is best to build a group of people who are affiliated with the same issue. Such a group supports you and can offer better advice too.8. Invest in a Pair of Good SunglassesMany times, when suffering from Headaches and Migraines, a light glare to make you feel worse. An inexpensive sunglass distorts your vision and provides no polarization. A good sunglass with an optical-grade lens cuts the light glare. You can even wear them indoors to avoid light glare and lessen the effects of Headaches or Migraines.9. Avoid Unnecessary StressStress is one of the most common reasons for Headaches and Migraines. Stress can be work-related or due to a habit of constantly worrying about small things such as unwashed laundry, household repair or being late. You need to learn that worrying over small things is unnecessary and causes most of your Headaches or Migraines.10. Maintain your Overall HealthSometimes when you are suffering from some illness, you tend to ignore your overall health and just concentrate on that issue. Headaches and Migraines are such issues. Good overall health is the key to overcome any illness. So, maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent or reduce your Headaches and Migraines. A wholesome diet and active lifestyle can help you maintain overall good health. Understand your triggers and avoid them to control your Headaches and Migraines.


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