There was a time when most people used to stay away from long-distance relationships. But the time has changed. Unlimited calls and video calling apps have made it easy for people to forget the boundaries and choose their partners with freedom. However, long-distance relationships are easier said than done. Most couples in long-distance relationships face similar problems like insecurity and miscommunications. But many couples are in a long-distance relationship for years and getting better at it by the day. How do they do it? Certain things help you maintain a healthy long-distance relationship. Once you know them, it becomes easier to not make the mistakes that other couples make. We have jotted down 12 long-distance relationship tips that will help your love grow stronger over time. Have a read!

Know Your Boundaries

If there is only one long-distance relationship advice that you learn today, it has to be about setting clear personal boundaries. Talk to your partners about things that are acceptable to both of you and things that are not. You might think that what you are taking is just virtual space, but evading space is fatal to relationships be it real or virtual.

Enjoy a Healthy Singlehood

If there are some cons of long-distance relationships, there are some pros too. For example, you can pretend like you are single. No, we are not talking about infidelity here. You can behave like you used to before the relationship. For example, you can spend extra time with your friends, you can give extra time to your hobbies, or you can take long walks. This singlehood will help you appreciate the company of your partner when you two will meet.

Arrange Regular Meetups

Apart from invading personal space, another thing that kills love from a distance is not meeting for long periods. Experts say that 3 months is enough time to go without seeing your partner. After that, you ideally should meet. Meeting your partner will make sure that you dont forget why he or she is your partner. Another major perk of meetings is sex. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. You can talk to your partner and decide on another time frame. For example, if you are living on two different continents, it might not be possible to meet after every three months.

Its not a must to talk every day

Most people who are in love from a distance think that it is a must to talk to their partner for hours every day. However, relation experts say otherwise. According to them, not talking for a few days will keep a little mystery alive. Another benefit of going a few days without talking is that you will not exhaust yourself by giving constant updates on your day-to-day activities.

Old-school romantic ideas long-distance relationship

At the first glance, it seems that video conferencing apps are the solution to every problem in a long-distance relationship. But sadly, that is not the case. Technology fails to give a personal touch that old-school methods can. Once in a while, you can send a postal mail with a sprinkle of your favorite cologne on it. There are some other old-school romantic ideas for a long-distance relationship like sending your piece of clothing like a hoodie or a sweater.

Know your relationship goals

Most couples complain after every few months that they do not know where things are going. Well, that happens because their relationship goals are not clear. Talk to your partner about what relationship success means to him or her. Do you ultimately want to get married? Do you think that you can stay separated even after marriage? Or do you just want to make it through the time of separation and then get together in the same town?

Its okay to flirt

Another not-so-popular long-distance relationship advice is that you can sometimes flirt with others. Again, we are not talking about infidelity here. Some sexologists suggest that harmless flirtation can keep your sensuality alive. After all, you meet your partner after a long time and that can be a little pushy to your sensual side. If you think that it wont escalate, you can try flirtation like complimenting someone or giving a lingering smile.

Do different things

Couples who stay together always complain that they dont get enough time to do things individually. If you are in long-distance love, why dont you take advantage here and do things that your partner does not like to do? This way, you will get more time to do mutual things when you will meet with your partner.

Dont lie about relationship status

If you dont come clean about the fact that you are in a long-distance relationship, your subconscious mind will not take the relationship seriously. To ensure that your distance relationship works, you will have to disclose it to people who matter to you. For example, your friends, your siblings, your parents (if possible), and even people who want to date you. And dont worry, you dont have to talk about your distance relationship all the time. Just mentioning it when it comes out naturally will be more than enough.

Meet your partners close circle

Thanks to the huge popularity of dating apps, we are hearing more and more about people being catfished in long-distance relationships. In such a time, it becomes important to know that you are dating a person who they are telling you they are. And there is an easy way to ensure it: meeting your partners close circle. Pay a visit to your partners place and meet his or her close friends, siblings, etc. Not only will this protect you from being catfished, but it will also make your relationship richer.

Accept that fighting sometimes is okay

It is important in a long-distance love to see fighting as a good sign. It is okay to have ups and downs in your relationship. Dont think that it is the end of the world if you are having constant arguments over something. It might mean that you two are having a lively relationship instead of just nodding to each other over everything. Just make sure that you gradually learn how to control emotions and develop constructive long-distance ideas with your partners for resolving disagreements. For example, you can decide that meeting in person is a must if the argument is getting out of hand. These constructive long-distance ideas save couples from breaking up over pity arguments.

Dont share every detail

The connection does not mean sharing every detail of your day with your partner. If you are talking just for the sake of talking, you might as well skip it. While a few such meaningless conversations can be okay but talking without any agenda can kill the passion over a long time. So, make sure that you also talk about deep feelings, your nightmares, and the biggest celebrations. Apply one tip at a time and you will make your relationship better before you will meet your partner. If you still think that its not getting any better, you can also take the help of a professional relationship healer.

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