1.What is Tinea Cruris? Tinea Cruris is a fungi infection that leads to red itchy skin and rash. The rash mostly affects the groin and inner thighs. Most of the time it looks like a ring and it is also called a Jock itch, it is more common amongst overweight people. This may not be a serious issue and the only treatment is trying to keep the groin area dry and clean. Most of the time this is harmless. But the only trouble is it spreads very fast and it can cause infections. Jock itch is very common among men and adolescence boys. Sometimes the affected area can be scaly and reddish. It is a very minor disease and proper treatment and applying anti-fungal medicine is the best way to protect oneself.What are the Symptoms of Tinea Cruris?Some of the common tinea cruris symptoms are as follows:

  • Itching
  • Slight burning sensation
  • Rashes
  • Flaky skin
  • Redness
  • Spreading to most areas near the thighs

Sometimes jock itch can spread to thighs, abdomen and also over the buttocks area. 2.Who is at Risk?Although Jock itch is common and it can happen to anyone, some people are at a higher risk than others:

  • People who are overweight
  • Athletes
  • People who sweat a lot

3.What are the main Tinea Cruris causes ?

  • Dermatophytes: The main cause of Jock itch is due to the fungi called dermatophytes. The fungi are actually present in the skin and they do not cause much of a problem. Staying in wet clothes for a very long time can result in jock itch. Especially after activities such as exercise, the fungi spreads very quickly and multiplies fast.
  • Contagious: This itch is also contagious. So it is possible for you to get the infection from someone who is already infected by this disease. Even if you come in contact with ¬†the clothes of the infected person, chances are that you may get the infection too. ¬†
  • Obesity: At times it is possible for jock itch to be misunderstood that it will affect only athletes. However, it can happen to anyone. People who are obese are more likely to get infected by this. One of the main reasons it is common among obese people is that, the fungus thrives on the folds of skin which is more prevalent among obese people.

4.How is Tinea Cruris Diagnosed?Tinea cruris diagnosis is done easily by performing a physical examination. Sometimes, the doctor might want to take a few scraping portions of the skin for further observation and test. This is usually done to eliminate the possibility of  psoriasis and any other skin disease.  A tinea cruris doctor should be able to help you in terms of identifying it and prescribing medicines accordingly.5.What are the different Tinea Cruris treatment methods?It is possible to treat jock itch at home by applying an anti-fungal cream. It should take care of the itch. However, there are treatment methodologies and medicine for tinea cruris that can help heal easily. Some strategies that help in treating this are:

  • Using any over the counter anti-fungal cream
  • Washing the infected area with water and soap regularly
  • Keeping the are dry and clean after every bath
  • Changing undergarments everyday
  • Wear loose clothes

Consult experienced doctors from Cure.fit who can diagnose the condition in the initial phase and suggest the best medicines. 6.How to prevent Tinea Cruris?Here are some tinea cruris prevention strategies that can help in ensuring that you can follow to keep the itch away:

  • Good Hygiene over the areas that are prone to jock itch. Also, washing your hands regularly if you come into contact with your groin area is also a good way to prevent this disease.
  • You could clean the area with soap and water. After washing, make sure that the area is dried up so that any further infection is prevented.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes so that private areas get enough air circulation. Also, tight clothes can end up causing chafing of the skin which is difficult to endure.
  • Using a different towel for the groin and other areas of the body is a great way to prevent the infection from spreading to other areas.
  • Not wearing wet clothes for a long period of time.
  • Never share towel and other personal items with others

If the itching gets worse and leads to further damage of the skin, it is better to approach a dermatologist who can help in managing the disease well. The above listed methods might be the guide on how to cure tinea cruris permanently, they are very helpful in managing the itch once it comes.

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