No matter how the years go by, the magic of good bedtime stories never fade, especially for the little ones. For them, it is a door to another world filled with imagination and happiness. Moreover, sleep stories for kids are also famous for their astonishing ability to let babies fall in sleep quickly.These sleep stories for kids are also saviour to working parents who get exhausted and tired after a hectic day. Also, even for the kids whose parents have time, finding new story is not an easy task. Some babies bedtime stories are in the poetry form and this is great for babies who are still young and love songs and lullaby. And this again is not easy for a parent to find poems every day.Kids want new characters, new stories, and new imagination every day. That is why stories must be enriching and unique. The more attentively they listed to bedtime stories, the faster they fall asleep. This further helps them get a sound sleep which is essential for better growth.

Good Sleep Matters A Lot

Before talking more about the sleep stories for kids, it is necessary to understand why an interrupted and good-quality sleep is important for the children. As per some research, a sound sleep gives way to proper growth and development of the kids.As much as a child need physical activity, he or she also requires mental and physical rest. The life is hectic not just for adults but kids too. The early morning schools, full-day of studying and activities, and the late-night cartoons may be good for a day or two but when this routine goes overboard, it can have a drastic impact on your childs physical and mental health.Sleeping well also allows them to have better performance at school and makes them more alert.Thus, they require not just right amount of sleep but also quality sleep to stay healthy and growing. The brain gets recharged when the kids sleep and this rejuvenation can work wonders in their performance.Some people also teach their kids short meditations or even Yoga Nidra when they reach a suitable age to ensure they get better sleep and mental peace with meditation focus. For babies and toddlers, this gap can be filled with easy bedtime stories. But since parents are not really storytellers, they can find it a difficult to get something new on a regular basis. That is why they need extra help with stories to help their babies fall asleep.But is that it? Are night time stories for toddlers just for getting sleep or is there something more in it? Let us learn about that in the section below:

Benefits of Sleep Stories

Here are some incredible ways toddlers bedtime stories can offer various benefits to your kid. Read on:

1. Enriches Their Language Development:

Let us begin with the most obvious and basic benefit that your kids can get from bedtime stories: better language skills. When your kid listens to old bedtime stories, they learn a ton of things about language. They learn how to make sentences, what the words mean and how they affect people. New words and expanded vocabulary also comes in with this activity. Babies bedtime stories, in fact, are some of the best ways to teach toddlers about a language.  They try to speak their favourite words more often and try to create complex sentences. As long as it is fun, bedtime stories keep on teaching them a bit more about the language.

2. Boosts Imagination

As mentioned in the beginning, stories open doors to imaginative words. If you see, most of the babies bedtime stories consist of imaginary characters, fairies and angels. When such mental imagery and narrative is present, the little imaginations start working. The kids create a world of their own. They gain better appreciation of the storytelling as an art too. This is why they love certain character more than others. As they grow up, they may even begin to weave an imaginary story of their own. If cultivated well, this imagination can prove to be beneficial, making your child more creative and smart.

3. Offers Outlet for Empathy

You may not realize but kids do learn more than language and imagination. They learn human emotions like empathy. They can feel relatable with the fictional characters in a book. And unlike us adults, this feeling is much more in toddlers. They feel happy when the character is happy and feel sad when the character is sad. So, when the protagonist face a tough time with something in their life, the kids feel bad and want them to deal with the challenges and win! This is nothing but the feeling of empathy that makes your kid a better person.

4. Teaches Morals and Goodness

Tell your kid to brush teeth daily and he or she will not take it quite seriously. Same is the fate of other good habits. But come in the stories, and kids are able to understand the need for good habits. The moral sleep stories for kids may contain stories that teach your children moral values, family bonds, friendship, and so on. They help them in deciding what is good and what is evil. Stories also teach other emotions such as gratitude, sympathy, compassion, importance of sharing, and treating others fairly. In short, sleep stories for kids may help your kid become a better person.

5. Encourages Engagement And Bonding

In the beginning, your kids may interrupt and ask a lot of questions about the stories. This can be both annoying and frustrating. But do realise that this is a great chances to help them understand the world better. Keep them engaged in sleep stories for kids and help them in knowing the new words, their meanings. This encourages your child to have a conversation with your and build a strong bond. You get the chance to spend more time with your little one and make them feel safe. In all the busyness of the day, the sleep stories for kids are a way to take out some time from the day and relax with a story while bonding with your baby.

Top 10 Sleep Stories For Kids

So much about the toddlers bedtime stories have been said. Now is the time to tell you about some of the best bedtime stories for toddlers and kids. These have been famous since long time. Take a look!

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Goodnight Moon
  3. Sleep My Bunny
  4. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  5. Winnie-the-Pooh
  6. The Princess and the Pea
  7. The Three Little Pigs
  8. The Lion and the Mouse
  9. The Bundle of Sticks
  10. Musa The Moon Bear

Done reading? Now search them all and read them to your kids from now. In case you are not able to find more stories every day, you can also turn to online sleep stories for kids. These are especially made for kids and help them in enjoying all the benefits above. Some of the stories are also like 5 min meditation exercises that help in relaxing the mind and improving its calibre. Check the online stories for kids now and buy the subscription to get exciting and wonderful stories recited by experts!

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