Men and women in pursuit of beautiful hair, do many things that damage hair. That causes many hair problems which leaves the hair frizzy, unhealthy, and if left untreated causes chronic damage to the hair. But the good news is that a few changes can prevent chronic damage to hair.

Reasons for Hair Problems

Hair fall problems can be caused due to many reasons and scalp problems can be one of them. To determine the problem first and if a doctor advises opting for a full body checkup to prevent permanent hair loss is a good idea. They can be:

1. Hair Problems due to Heredity:

Both men and women have this hair fall problem which is genetic. This type of hair problem is called androgenic alopecia. In women, the early signs are thin hair problems. In men, the first sign is hair loss and itchy scalp causes that causes bald spots at the top of the head or the hairline starts to recede. Start treatment early by visiting a Trichologist near me to prevent permanent damage.

2.Hair Problems due to Ageing:

Hair fall problem is caused due to ageing as the hair follicles no longer grow at the rate they should. That leads to scalp problems and receding hairline both in men and women. White hair problem solution is also not possible as the person ages and starts to lose hair colour.

3. Hair Problems due to Chemotherapy:

Cancer treatment like radiation and chemotherapy also leads to a hair fall problem and white hair growth. White hair problem solution, as well as hair regrowth, happens a few months after treatment for cancer patients. Look for a hair doctor near me who can help you with this problem.

4. Hair Problems due to Hairstyling:

Perming, colouring, itchy scalp causes, etc can lead to hair fall problem. Hair follicles can get damaged because of which regrowth cannot happen and creates bald spots.

5. Hair Problems due to Childbirth or Stress:

Childbirth, stress, surgery, or illness can lead to hair problems. Regrowth can happen when the stress in the body stops.

6.Hair Problems due to Hormonal Imbalance:

Hormonal imbalance in men and women is one of the most common reasons for a hair fall problem. PCOS and cyst in the ovaries can cause hair loss in women. Itchy scalp, thinning hair can be due to low testosterone among men. This treatment can also be a white hair problem solution.

7. Hair Problems due to Smoking:

Smoking can lead to premature greying and hair fall problems. The white hair problem solution is to quit smoking gradually.

8. Hair Problems due to certain Medical Conditions:

Hair fall problem, itchy scalp causes and greying can be due to autoimmune skin conditions called alopecia areata. When the hair grows back after treatment it tends to be white and melanin therapy is a white hair fall problem solution. Other conditions like Kidney disease can also lead to hair loss, contact a Nephrologist near me if you are facing this issue.

How to Prevent a Hair Loss Problem?

Scalp problems and hair fall due to dandruff can be avoided by following proper hair hygiene. Some of the tips that can be a hair fall problem solution are:

1. Avoid high heat:

Excessive heat when applied can lead to scalp problems like itchy scalp thinning hair. For instance, the use of heat dryers, curling irons, and hair dryers cause hair follicle damage due to dehydration of the scalp. The use of hot water to the scalp while washing hair can also cause the same damage.

2. Styling the hair:

Hair is stretchable and pullable but it can only be stretched so much, else it gets damaged. Ponytails, tight braids, etc can cause scalp problems as it pulls the hair and reduces the bond between hair and scalp. Another reason for a hair fall problem is using dyes, highlighters, and more which can cause itchy scalp, thinning hair, and white hair. A hair problem solution for this is to not bleach your hair often.

3. Use the right shampoo:

Shampoo is used to remove excess oil and dirt from hair. Hairfall due to dandruff shampoo is also a possibility due to the presence of harsh chemicals. Scalp problems can be reduced when you use natural shampoo.

4. Use natural fibre brush:

The brush you use on your hair can also cause hair problems and scalp problems. So it is recommended to use a soft brush that has natural fibres to promote healthy sebum. It also prevents itchy scalp, thinning hair. While brushing ensure that it is done gently from top to bottom and avoid clumps by regularly brushing hair. This is a wonderful hair problem solution.

5. Do not brush your hair when wet:

Another way to prevent a hair fall problem is by not brushing hair when it is wet. Allow it to dry naturally and then comb gently using a wide toothbrush if you have straight hair. If you have layered hair, then use a wide-tooth comb to brush hair while damp.

6. Treatment:

Hair loss in men is mostly genetic or due to low hormone problems. Some of the treatment options are medications or hair transplants. In women, hair problems are caused due to hormonal conditions, genetics, thyroid issues, and more. Treatment options for these include medications, hormone replacement therapy, or hair transplant.

7. Eating a healthy diet:

Hairfall due to dandruff and other hair problems are caused due to a lack of protein and amino acids in food. Many minerals like zinc, selenium, iron and vitamins like C, B, E, and A are essential for hair growth. Lack of these can lead to scalp problems and hair problems. If a healthy diet is not providing a hair problem solution then consider a multivitamin supplement. A white hair problem solution is to consume fruits and vegetables with enough antioxidants.

8. Massage your scalp:

Scalp massage is a hair problem solution that is commonly used in Indian households and as per a study it stimulates hair growth. It is a solution for itchy scalp causes too. Using coconut oil for massage is highly recommended as it prevents hair damage due to UV light and also strengthens the hair.

9. Using essential oils:

Using a combination of oils like almond oil, jojoba oil, peppermint, hibiscus, ginseng, etc is a good remedy for itchy scalp cause. This is the best solution for hair fall due to dandruff and also stimulates hair growth.

Hairfall due to dandruff, hair loss, and other hair fall problems can be due to many reasons. For those suffering from it, home remedies, changes in diet, lifestyle, and treatment can help regrow hair.

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