Often, people find themselves eating at night, even when they are not hungry. This is a common habit, but binge eating at night can become an eating disorder if it becomes constant. And if not treated or controlled well in times, this simple habit can put your health at risk. So, if you are munching too much nowadays, put a full stop to it before it gets too late. Now, since its a habit, losing it wont be easy. You will need various tips and strategies to stop disordered eating. We have jotted down some of the best tips to help you deal with binge eating in this article. But before that, lets get some information on when exactly binge eating becomes one of the eating disorders and so on. Keep reading:

Signs When Binge Eating Becomes A Disorder

When you excessively consume food, it is known as a binge eating disorder. Over time, this eating disorder not only hampers your physical health but also leads to mental health issues. It is one type of mental illness, just like anxiety or depression. Disordered eating can affect anyone regardless of their age and gender. It usually stems from an unresolved emotional health issue too. There is also a stress eating disorder wherein people eat too much food when they are stressed. And when this particular eating happens at night, it is known as night eating Syndrome.

Here are some signs of binge eating disorder you should look out for:

  1. Consuming food much more quickly than usual
  2. Eating excessive food even when you are not hungry
  3. Feeling disgusted or guilty after eating
  4. Planning and buying special food for binge eating

If someone shows these signs and cannot stop night eating, it is best to seek eating disorder treatment. They can consult an eating disorder therapist, and they will help them in fighting this disorder.

Effective Ways To Stop Binge Eating

Before consulting an eating disorder therapist, its good to try and stop binge eating on your own. Here are some effective ways you can deal with this eating disorder. Take notes!Identify the Triggers You know you have night eating syndrome, so its time to find the things or scenarios that trigger this behavior. At times, people eat food not just because they are hungry. It can be due to stress or just the fact that you had a daytime hunger. One of the easiest ways to identify the triggers is to keep a food diary. You can write your eating pattern, the types of food you eat and other triggers that lead to a false sense of hunger. This monitoring can help you further work on your eating disorder and bring positive changes.

1. Plan Your Daily Meals

When you dont eat as per the plan, you will start eating anytime, leading to nighttime eating or disordered eating. Having a meal plan can prevent this. It will make you more mindful of what you are eating and when. Moreover, if you eat smaller meals and regular intervals, you will not wish to eat at night as the hunger will not be present.

2. Stay Hydrated

You may feel that its not a tip but a basic tip for good health, but a study shows that staying hydrated can curb unnecessary food cravings. It also boosts your metabolism, and that again helps in weight loss. One more way to use water is to drink it whenever you wish to munch on snacks. The water will curb your hunger and also make sure you dont end up eating a lot.

3. De-stress Yourself

As we mentioned before, stress is also one of the reasons behind binge eating. There is a special term for this stress eating disorder. In this disorder, you use food to curb your emotions. The best way to get out of this habit is to find other ways to deal with stress. You can indulge in stress-beating activities such as yoga, meditation, hot baths, stretching or listening to music. You can also consult therapists to help you deal with stress effectively.

4. Stock Up Healthy Snacks

The habit of binge eating will not go away in just one day. It can take weeks or even months. In such a case, you can try the trick of replacing high-calorie food and snacks with healthy ones. This way, you can ensure that you will eat healthier even when you are eating too much. Some of the healthy snacks you can try are fruits, berries, nuts, cottage cheese, low-calorie bars, etc.,

5. Occupy Yourself With Other Things

Binge eating usually happens when you are alone or stressed. So, start distracting yourself and do things that take your thoughts away from eating. You can go for a walk, call your friend, or start reading a book anything that can occupy your mind. You can also start a new hobby to prevent mindless snacking at night.

6. Seek Emotional Support

If you think that you have been dealing with an eating disorder, it is completely fine to talk to someone about it and get support. You can also consult an eating disorder therapist. They will diagnose your trouble and also identify which types of eating disorders you may be suffering from. They also prepare the perfect eating disorder treatment plan. Nowadays, you can easily find therapists online. If your eating habit has also started affecting your digestive health, you can search for a gastroenterologist near me and get an appointment soon. Done reading? Then start practicing these tips from today. If left untreated, this binge eating habit or disorder can lead to obesity. This, in turn, increases your risk of several diseases such as type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, and heart disease. So take a step soon and say yes to healthy and mindful eating.

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