Oxygen is the most elixir for any human body to exist, and blood in the system delivers oxygen to all the cells in the body. The red blood cells will bind with the oxygen and take it all along the bloodstream from the lungs. Oxygen level plays a significant part in replacing all the worn-out cells and supplying the body with energy. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the blood oxygen levels in the body by taking care that it does not drop down, which is the primary symptom of the coronavirus. How to increase oxygen level? One can take the necessary steps to increase the blood oxygen level with various methods discussed below:

How to Increase Blood Oxygen Level Naturally?

In this current uncertain scenario, there are so many ways to stay safe, and the most important of them is to increase the blood oxygen levels efficiently. This helps us recover effectively from the deadly coronavirus, and as stated below, we are a few steps to take. The answer for, how to increase the oxygen level in the body at home is:

• Quit smoking

This is not only for people who wish to achieve normal oxygen levels. It is excellent advice for everyone. Smoking is a slow poison that will put lives at risk, if not now, definitely shortly. Studies have shown that once a person goes cigarette-free in the next two weeks, there is a tremendous improvement in his/her blood oxygen level in the human body, and their overall blood circulation patterns also increase. Lung functions are drastically improved in a short time after quitting the habit of smoking by 30%.

• Make more greenery around you

Plants in the place around you where you reside are the best way to bring more oxygen levels into the living space. They help to purify the air and aids better air circulation. They also help remove the carbon dioxide from the air and make more availability of oxygen for the body to absorb. This helps to create a normal oxygen level in the human body.

• Facilitate ventilation

This is the simplest technique that anyone can do by keeping the windows open and letting in more air. One can also get fresh air by taking a short walk to increase the overall oxygen levels in the blood. This method has the added advantage of improving digestion and increases energy levels efficiently.

• Breathing exercises

These are the most critical exercises that everybody should learn and follow. Breathing exercise is the magic ideology used in all pulmonary rehabilitation, and they include pranayama, meditation, and breathing practice as a holistic treatment procedure. There are various types of breathing exercises to open the airways and increase oxygen levels in the body. There are six of them, and they are:

1. Belly Breathing:

This is breathing with the part in the human system called the diaphragm between the abdomen and chest. It is a dome-shaped muscle, and breathing with the belly is the primary kind of breathing. But many of us use the neck and back muscles that decrease the amount of air to enter and leave the lungs. Now let us see how to practice this type of breathing. How to increase the oxygen level in the body? It is done by lying down and putting the hands on the belly by relaxing the entire body. Then by inhaling through the nose and making the stomach move outwards, the chest must remain still. Exhaling should be done, slowing in the next two seconds while the stomach moves inwards. Then it is repeated a few more times.

2. Lip Breathing:

This is the most accessible exercise anyone can do and at any place. This is done to keep the airway open for a more extended time and facilitate the lung's airflow. The lungs improve the exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide through this breathing method, and it is seen to be potential for people who lack physical activity. This is done by sitting up straight in a good posture and inhaling slowly through the nostrils. The lips are pursed like pouting, and then one has to breathe out slowly through the lips. This is repeated several times.

3. Chest Breathing:

This is a type of breathing exercise done by standing upright on the edge of a platform by reaching the arms overhead. While doing this, fake a wide yawn and then bring the arms down and perform a broad smile for approximately three seconds. Repeat this for some time, and doing this ensures that the diaphragm expands well. This offers strength to the muscles in the chest.

4. Rib Stretching:

This is done to stretch the ribs while breathing. This is done by standing in an upright position with the hands-on-hips. Slowly inhale the air into the lungs until you have a full feeling. Then hold your breath for around twenty seconds and exhale it slowly. Repeat for a few times, and one will be able to feel the ribs moving and stretching with each breath.

5. Lion Pose:

This is a posture done by distancing the knees as far as possible and places the toes touching each other. The body must move forward with the palms on the floor right between the knees. By arching the back and moving the head backward, one must open the mouth. One must stick out the tongue, and then by exhaling through the mouth, the person should produce an aah noise right from his/her throat. Then by closing the mouth, the person should inhale slowly and relax the entire body. The sound produced here resembles the roaring of a lion and hence the name.

6. Humming:

This works on the abdominal muscles and also on the lungs efficiently. The humming will increase the lung capacity and force the air out from the lungs, thereby making way for more fresh air to enter. This exercise is effectively seen to reduce stress.

• Pranayama

This is the best way to increase the oxygen level in the whole system. It is done by holding the nostril tight with one thumb and then inhaling through the other. After this step, the other nostril is closed with the ring finger and then exhaled through the other nostril. This is repeated on alternative sides for a few times, and this is seen to make the lungs very strong compared to all the above-discussed breathing techniques. The body achieves more immunity and does not feel fatigued very quickly. This method is also used to reduce weight and combat the obesity problem. Additional other benefits that it bestows are that it improves mental health by relieving stress and depression and improving the body's digestion problem. Furthermore, it is also seen to treat arthritis conditions by decreasing all the joint aches.

Benefits of Breathing Exercise

Lungs are the organs that provide the best health, and they put away all kinds of chronic lung diseases with a regular exercise regime. The various benefits associated with breathing exercises are:

•  It improves the oxygen levels in the body
•  It detoxifies the body
•  It relaxes the body
•  It reduces the overall stress
•  It increases energy levels tremendously

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