Emotions are the most potent force in anyone's life. The world today is choking everyone due to many reasons like family, exam stress, work stress or relationships. It is so fast-paced, and the reality is increasing pressures into everyone's head with the developing technology, large society, and various aspects.These factors are taking a toll on every individual, and the result of these issues is confusion, fear, loneliness, anger and sadness. The only key to dealing with difficult emotions is mindfulness or meditation. Why is it hard to control emotions? The primary step is the hardest to perform at ease, and in order to practice mindfulness, one must calm down and first relax completely. This is the space that one creates for oneself to respond and react after reflecting on things.

How To Deal With Emotions Mindfully?

How to control emotions? There are six basic steps to help a person understand and deal with different difficult emotions. They are:

  • Acceptance: Turn towards the difficult feelings and accept them with both your soul and mind. Whatever the emotion, you have to become aware first, and then instead of ignoring it, you must accept them. You must listen to all the emotions and wake up to what is going on by accepting them.
  • Label: Identify the difficult emotions first as to what you are going through and label them.Â
  • Acknowledge: Do not deny the emotion and acknowledge it with experience. Embrace the difficult situation and open up to your feelings. Only then you can create a space of both awareness and expansiveness to the aspects of life.
  • Realize: Realize that the difficult emotions are not permanent. They all reside within you and arise now and then. Allow yourself to observe the emotions with patience and then respond with compassion and empathy to your mind.
  • Investigate: The impact of your difficult emotions must be explored, and you should ask yourself what triggered or made you feel this way. Keep questioning your mind with the critical questions to root out the cause and gain more insight into the difficult emotions.
  • Control: This is the last step wherein you need to control them mindfully. An in-depth understanding of your emotions is the key to master them.

Other Remedies To Control Emotions

Besides being mindful of controlling the emotions, there are certain other things that a person should necessarily do to manage difficult emotions. They are:

  • Write down your feelings and responses in a mood journal. Identifying the specific triggers which will make it more helpful for managing difficult emotions.
  • Take a deep breath, and good breathing exercise will be more constructive for coping with difficult emotions.
  • Give some time and space for yourself. Healthy distractions work much better most of the time.
  • Practice meditation for difficult emotions as they are the best way to control both mind and body.
  • Seek the help of a therapist.

The best possible way to dealing with difficult emotions and control the most difficult emotions are mentioned above. They can also possibly help a person to react on how to control anger. Anger is considered the most dangerous emotion that has to be essentially controlled. With the information discussed, it is up to the individual to live in harmony with the various thoughts racing in the mind.


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