What is CoronaVirus?

Coronavirus disease is a new type of virus that shook the world and caught the headlines in 2019, after which it was declared a pandemic. Covid 19 is transmitted at an incredible speed through nasal discharge and saliva. This highly contagious illness was seen to cause severe problems with people already suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases. Coronavirus disease has led to the practice of etiquettes like coughing with the elbow flexed, wearing masks, using alcohol-based rub on the hands frequently, and social distancing.

What Causes Covid 19?

The virus that causes Covid 19 is spread among people very easily through aerosols. Continuous studies are being done to learn more about the spread of Covid 19, and the data indicates that the transmission happens very quickly among individuals in close contact within six feet of distance. The Covid 19 virus spreads through the droplets released through sneeze, cough, breath, and even through regular conversational talks. When Covid 19 droplets are inhaled with the nose or when it comes in contact with the eyes of the mouth, it starts to enter the system. These Covid 19 aerosols can stay in the air even after several minutes and hours, and when a person is exposed to this atmosphere, he gets transmitted airborne. The other Covid 19 causes are when a person touches a surface or object exposed to a Covid 19 infected person. They are at low risk of catching the disease.

Symptoms Of Covid 19

One can distinguish the Covid 19 symptoms into two main categories: the most common and the less common ones. The Covid 19 symptoms in kids are not very different, and below are given the Covid 19 symptoms in adults. The well-known respiratory failure, permanent lung, and heart muscle damage are other genres of Covid 19 symptoms with a rare instance of damage to the kidneys and nervous system of the body. At times these Covid 19 signs turn out to be life-threatening when the health deteriorates tremendously. The various and common corona symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of smell and taste
  • Breathing difficulty and shortness of breath

The less common Covid 19 symptoms are:

  • Chills
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Runny nose
  • Diarrhea
  • Body aches and muscle pain

How To Prevent Covid 19?

The preventive measures that have to be necessarily done to stop the spread of the deadly virus and give the proper Covid 19 treatments are the most needed solutions for the world right now. They are:

  • Avoid the move, and one has to refrain from highly crowded and populated areas.
  • The hands have to be regularly washed with detergents and sanitized with alcohol-based hand rubs to kill the germs from the hands as hands are the most crucial part of creating the spread.
  • Take care to have all the residing spaces well ventilated, avoiding the usage of air conditioners.
  • Vaccination is another key to preventing the widespread as it increases the immunity of the body and helps most people attain the virus's resistance.
  • Social distancing always has to be in mind, and one should keep at least one-meter distance from strangers. This will reduce the infection transmission while talking.
  • Keep monitoring the health conditions and be aware of the initial coronavirus signs. The best way to recover is to treat as soon as possible, and oximeter is another parameter very essential in this situation. The oxygen level will drop when the condition worsens. One has to keep tracking the oxygen levels in the body when they are experiencing other corona symptoms.

What Are The Tests For Covid 19?

There are three primary tests for covid 19, and they are:

1. Covid Antigen Test

An antigen is a substance found in the body's immune system, and it is seen to respond to the antibodies that are generated. A covid antigen test is the easiest among the test, and it gives the result in about fifteen minutes to organize the corona treatment at the earliest. This test is affordable for everyone and does not require any skilled technician or any special equipment to perform it. One can do the test on both nasopharyngeal and nasal swabs. The specimen is first collected here with the help of a healthcare provider. The swab is inserted into a tube containing a special liquid used to extract the target molecule from the sample. The liquid is then dispensed to a test cartridge, and there is a marking that clearly states the result, whether positive or negative. Another aspect of the antigen test is that it detects the fragments of proteins from the test samples by checking for viruses. This test is also known as the Sofia 2 SARS Antigen FIA test, and it detects the presence of nucleocapsid protein that causes Covid 19. The main advantage of performing this test is that the result is obtained in minutes and is comparatively cheaper than the remaining covid tests. The tests have scaled to testing over a million people in a day.

2. PCR Test

A PCR test is also called the polymerase chain reaction used to detect a virus's genetic material, and this helps to diagnose the infection in a patient who is active with Covid 19 diseases. The diagnosis detects the RNA of the virus from the sample of the throat and nasal swabs.

3. Antibody Test

Antibodies are another kind of protein like antigens, and an antibody test attempts to look out for antibodies in the body that is developed as a response to any viral attack on the body. This test will allow a person to know whether they were exposed to Covid 19 previously. And also, whether there was a defense created in the body with the disease for some time. One cannot find when the body was affected, which is done on the blood plasma or serum. So, this concludes that this will only denote past infection and will not be helpful to detect the positive patients.

Coronavirus is a zoonotic disease that currently has no cure; however, Covid 19 treatment and vaccines are now being studied extensively to save meaningful lives and decrease the death rate. COVID-19 online consultations are a life-changing help these days, and there are also special sessions such as COVID-19 consultation for kids and COVID-19 consultation for adults separately.

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