Consuming enough water and staying hydrated is as important as eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. It is recommended that people consume at least eight glasses of water every day. But drinking plain water is boring and consuming sugary fruit juices does not serve the purpose. An alternative is detox water, here is a look at what it is, the benefits and myths around it and does it really help by replacing regular water with a drink to detox. Read on.

Why Water is Essential and What is Detox Water?

The human body has organs like the kidney and the liver that help in detoxifying. But for that to happen, enough water has to be consumed. This water acts as an internal shower that can cleanse the body by flushing the toxins like the pollutants that your breath, food water, etc. By drinking the required quantity of water, the kidney, liver, and other organs work optimally. Staying hydrated also ensures that it optimizes digestion, regulates body temperature, boosts bowel health, removes toxins from the GI tract, and more. Thus it is important to drink enough water so that the water lost due to breathing, digestion, and sweating is replaced. There are many ways to replenish the body with water, it can be in the form of regular water, bubbles, sports drinks, juices, etc. The latest is the detox water or the infused water. It is regular water infused with fresh fruits, herbs, or vegetable flavor. It can also be a combination of all the flavors you like. The main difference between juices and detox water is that it is infused rather than pulping them. Since it has only flavors it does not have many calories and can detox the body.

Types of Detox Water

There are various types of water to detox and depending on the detox water recipe and its benefits people can choose one over the other. Combining more than one gives added benefits, here are some of them:

  • Apple cinnamon: Apples are cut into slices and added along with powdered cinnamon to water. Apples that have flavonoids, Vitamin C and B-Complex, reduce the risk of heart diseases and cinnamon.
  • Orange-Mint: This is a great detox water recipe as the Orange pulps are a great source of vitamins and protect against free radicals in the body. Mint leaves provide energy and give a great taste to this detox water.
  • Strawberry- Mint: Infuse plump, ripe, and unbruised berries in water to make this detox water. It contains Vitamin C which gives energy and provides a refreshing flavor.
  • Watermelon: It is a fruit that can flush out toxins and also hydrate the body at the same time. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce sore muscles.
  • Lemon-ginger: The Lemon Detox Water is prepared by adding Lemon juice or even slices of lemon to the water. Add grated ginger to it to give a feeling of fullness after consuming it. Also, Lose weight with lemon juice.

Benefits of Detox Water

Here is a look at the detox water benefits:

1. Increases energy levels: ‚Äć

Dehydration can affect the energy levels as well as the mood of a person. As per studies, dehydration can cause headaches and also reduce concentration levels. Drinking detox water especially those who tend to perspire a lot can aid in increasing energy levels and also improving mood. So instead of drinking coffee and tea, consuming infused water can increase productivity and performance especially during the mid-day slump as it contains vitamins and minerals.

2. Aids in weight loss:

Regular water is known to help in improving metabolism and also burning calories and so does detox water. Dieticians and weight loss experts recommend detox water for weight loss as an important aspect of their weight loss program. It is found that adults who drink up to 500 ml of water before meals lost more weight than those who did not. That is because it reduces hunger, increases metabolism, and makes a person eat less. Also compared to juices, etc detox water has fewer calories and hence aids weight loss.

3. Boosts digestive health:

‚ÄćDrinking detox water is known to aid digestion and also maintain proper bowel movements. It also helps people who suffer from constipation, bloating, and other digestive issues. If you are not drinking enough fluids, increase your intake by adding detox water to your diet and find your digestion and gut health improved.

4. Improves immunity: ‚Äć

Theoretically, drinking detox water that contains Vitamin C can help in boosting immunity as this nutrient can improve immune function and fight diseases. Also, it is a fact that consuming fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C aids in better immune functioning. However, since the nutrients got from this infused water are less, there will not be as much impact as consuming fruits and vegetables.

5. They are a cost-effective way to stay hydrated:

‚ÄćIf you are an active person then consuming more water is important. Many people opt for sports drinks or other forms of bottled water as drinking regular water is monotonous. But that can make a hole in their pockets. However, drinking detox water is easy as it can be made at home with the available kitchen ingredients. Thus it is a cost-effective way to stay hydrated without having to spend a lot of money.

6.Easy to make:

One of the reasons people do not consume enough water is that they are bored of drinking plain water and do not have the time to juice or blend. However, a detox drink recipe is easy to make, flavourful, and can be stored in the refrigerator. Infused water gives people no excuse to not stay hydrated!

Myths about Detox Water

A drink to Detox is surrounded by a lot of myths with some of the claims being false. It is important to know a complete truth before you start drinking detox water. Some of the myths are:

  • Balances your pH: Alkaline foods and drinks are in great trend as it is believed that they can prevent infections and diseases. An acidic body is found to be less beneficial to health than an alkaline. So diets are promoted with this belief and detox water is also considered one such alkaline food. But studies have shown that foods and drinks cannot alter the pH of the body and hence it remains a myth that drinking detox water balances the pH.
  • It detoxifies the body: It may be called detox water but it does not detox the body. There is no evidence to prove that drinking this can detox the body. The body has several internal mechanisms to remove the toxins and cleanse the body. There are many drinks to detoxify the body currently on the market but they are not effective in removing toxins other than water.
  • Makes the skin bright: detox water for skin is claimed to improve the complexion. However, if the detox water does not help in flushing toxins then there is little evidence to show that drinking it improves complexion. However, drinking regular water can improve hydration, and also flush the toxins if you are dehydrated. So drinking water is important and not infused water as it has no added benefits to the skin.

To conclude, there are many detox water benefits that can be had by consuming it but some of the claims made like removing toxins, etc. are false. While drinking enough plain water is highly beneficial, it can also be boring. So instead of picking up a sugary drink, consuming detox water infused with fruits, vegetables or herbs is much better as it has fewer calories.

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