Now that the world is shifting towards the digital realm, it is high time that we learn yoga poses virtually as well. Blending an age-old practice with advanced technologies can help us get the best of both worlds. However, people might often wonder if this combination might take away the authenticity of this meditative exercise. But the fact that some of the top yoga teachers are offering online courses tells us otherwise. Today, a number of yoga practitioners are also gladly giving up their yoga studio memberships for the digital version. So, what really has brought this change? Is there any benefit to attending online yoga classes? Well, there are quite a few! Let us have a look:

  1. More Convenient

You must have tried following a ‚Äėhealthy lifestyle‚Äô that includes waking up early, going for a walk, eating fresh, and going to the gym or yoga class. However, it can become really difficult to fit all of this into an already hectic schedule. Skipping your morning walk or missing your yoga class might make you feel guilty and can negatively impact your mood for the entire day.¬†

But with online yoga classes, you can have a healthy routine despite your jam-packed schedule. With this, you can practise yoga at your convenience. You can easily do some effective stretches in your own space and on your own time. Freedom and flexibility are the two benefits that you get to enjoy with virtual yoga lessons. Now, you do not have to miss out on your yoga lessons because of any professional or personal commitments. 

  1. Cost-Effective 

Physical yoga classes tend to be a lot more expensive as they would offer you a dedicated studio with all the basic amenities. Plus, even if you search for yoga classes near me, you would still have to commute to the location and might also pay a parking fee. 

It becomes even more expensive for you in case your yoga studio is located far off. Also, we all know this for a fact ‚Äď People are less likely to be regular if their yoga studios or gymnasiums are located far away from their homes.¬†

The bottomline?

Virtual yoga classes are a more cost-effective solution as compared to physical yoga classes. 

Online yoga classes do not require you to be physically available in the studio. You can even join in a couple of minutes late and would not be disturbing other members. All you need to do is roll out your yoga mat, switch on your laptop, join the class, and follow your yoga teacher. 

  1. Virtual But Same Group Energy 

Although the true meaning of yoga is the connection of the mind, soul, and body, the need to feel connected with others during yoga is also important. And with virtual yoga classes, you can easily get a sense of belonging. How, you may ask?

As online yoga lessons are usually held in group classes, it becomes easier to connect with people who share a similar passion for yoga as you do. This can also help you create a community where people can support each other along their journey. People can also offer tips and advice on similar topics like well-being, nutrition, meditation, and fitness within the community. 

Tip: Today, you even have the option to take family yoga online classes where you can bond with your loved ones while practising yoga. Such a collective effort helps you effectively take care of your health. 

Listen Up: Ensure you choose those online yoga classes that make group sessions fun. As there are so many online yoga class options available today, we admit that it can get overwhelming. Hence, we recommend that you check out right away! Looking out for your health becomes easier when you have fun at your workouts. And offers just that. 


  1. Pause and Learn 

People can really struggle while practising and learning different yoga poses, especially the complex ones. And, when faced with an issue at the time of performing a certain exercise, most people are usually embarrassed about disturbing the entire class. So, they might not even bother asking for help from their yoga teacher. 

In an online yoga class, on the other hand, you can simply record the class and pause the video as many times until you master the pose. You can even chat with your teacher and clarify your doubts privately in an online class. Moreover, you can easily pick a yoga class based on your experience. You can start with yoga for beginners courses and then gradually go up to intermediate and advanced lessons. You can also have a look at the courses offered by that focus on one area such as weight loss, flexibility, digestion, back pain, etc. 

  1. The Option of LIVE Classes 

Different people have different preferences and with virtual classes, you get to enjoy the benefit of having different options. One such option is attending live-streamed yoga classes and practising along with other members. For some people, attending live classes offer a reason to commit and thus stay regular. This is also a great option for people who like to get involved, ask questions, and be socially active while attending classes.  

  1. Explore Yoga Teachers Across the Globe 

The yoga studio located nearby might only have a couple of yoga teachers. But when choosing an online yoga class, you can pick from hundreds of yogis, teachers, and instructors from all across the world. With this, you also get to explore different yoga styles which would have been impossible otherwise. And since yoga is not a one-size-fits-all practice, it is important to have the option to choose from different styles and different yoga teachers so that you can pick the one that suits you the best. 

Also, virtual classes have no barriers and boundaries, which, in turn, make learning a lot more fun and expand your horizons. For instance, today, it’s possible to take online yoga classes in Bangalore from a trained yogi in Rishikesh, that too from the comfort of your home. 


Today, yoga classes are literally available at your fingertips which gives you one more reason as to why you should embrace this ancient meditative practice in your daily life. As benefits for yoga are many, today’s busy lifestyle should not deter you from practising it. Therefore, we recommend that you enrol for quality online yoga classes today! 

Need a little help? Let’s make it easy for you. Check out cultpass HOME to access the best of at-home yoga sessions! Access health podcasts, meditation sessions, and more. You can also opt for a free trial and decide if the classes benefit you. Yes, it’s that simple. 




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