Correct Posture Exercises To Fix Bad Posture

A correct posture defines you and the way you look. Have you been sitting in the wrong position all these years and ended up with a bad posture? Well, many of us have. But it’s never too late, and you can always correct your posture by doing a couple of exercises daily. There are different exercises to correct posture. Even if you cannot do all of them initially, at least start with a few so that you can get better day by day. Prolonged practise and determination can help you correct your posture and stand in the right position.

Wrong postures are not serious disorders in the body but can affect your lifestyle and the way you look. It can cause minor problems if not corrected at the earliest. Here are a few good posture exercises that help fix bad posture and get back to normal quickly.

Child Pose

As the name suggests, the child’s pose is sitting like a baby with your forehead touching the ground. This is a resting pose where you will sit on your shin bones and knees. It might be difficult initially, but your body will become flexible as you keep doing it. Bend and touch the floor with your forehead. Stretch your hands forward with palms facing the ground. Ensure your hips press your feet down. If you find it challenging to do it on the floor, use a yoga bar or blanket underneath. This is one of the most effective exercises to improve posture as it works in your glutes, hamstrings and even lengthens the spine. Breathe in and breath out slowly while performing this exercise.

Forward Fold

This is one of the exercises to fix posture and can be done in the standing position. Stand at ease with your heels slightly apart. Allow your entire feet to stay on the ground and keep your hands close to your hips. Now fold yourself or bend forward to touch your knees. Lower yourself as much as you can. Release your hands and try touching the floor. Now slightly bend your knees, release your hips and stretch the spine. This back posture corrector exercise stretches the spine, hamstrings, and glutes. It also helps the body lengthen and open up.

Cat Cow Exercise

The Cat Cow exercise is one of the best exercises to correct posture. It is quite funny, and you will enjoy doing it. Go on your knees like a Cat and shift a part of the bodyweight to the hands. Drop your abdomen down, lift your head and extend your spine. Now raise your abdomen, arch your spine and tuck your head down. Keep doing this exercise about 10 to 20 times. Make sure you inhale and exhale while lifting and tucking your head, respectively. This exercise can not only fix your posture but also increase blood circulation through the neck, torso and spine. It is the best way to release tension in the back.

Standing Cat Cow Exercise

The standing cow exercise can also fix bad posture. It is similar to the cat cow exercise, but you have to do it standing with your knees half bent. This set of back exercises to improve posture should be done daily.

Chest Opener Exercise

The chest opener is one of the back posture correction exercises that opens up the chest and avoids a rounded back. Stand straight with your hands facing the floor and close to your body. Move your hands in the backward direction while you open your chest outward. This strengthens the chest and avoids making you look like a hunchback.

High Planks

The high planks is a neck posture corrector exercise that strengthens your neck muscles, shoulders, glutes and hamstrings. You have to maintain a balance within the body while performing this exercise. Come on your legs and hands straight and neck up. Straighten your back and shove the entire body weight on your palms and toes. Stay in this position at least for 30 seconds.

Side Planks

Side planks increase the neutral alignment of the body. Experts say it is one of the best exercises for good posture and body balance. You can perform these exercises to correct posture and look attractive. Lie on your side and lift your body with your elbow holding the weight of the upper body. The rest of the weight is likely to be on the feet facing sideways. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds and change sides. Ensure your body is aligned from head to toe linearly while doing side planks.

Downward Facing Dog Exercise

The downward-facing dog exercises to correct posture are quite easy, and you can do it at home itself. They are again one of the best exercises to improve posture. To do this exercise, lie on your stomach and lift your body upwards. Ensure the weight of your body is balanced in your hands and toes. Bring your knees and hips upwards to lengthen the spine. These are stretching exercises to correct posture and align the back muscles. Stay in this position for about one minute and then relax.

Pigeon Pose

You can count on the Pigeon pose exercise to correct back posture. Get on to your knees and stretch one of your legs behind while supporting your upper body weight on your palms. This exercise opens the hip bones and strengthens the hip muscles. Slowly bring the leg back to come on your knees and relax. Repeat with the next leg. Try the Pigeon pose exercises to correct posture and loosen your hamstrings and glutes.

Given above are the best exercises to improve posture and help you strengthen your body. Any exercise to correct body posture has to be done regularly to see good results. Stretching and exercises to correct posture increase the body’s flexibility and balance. Don’t miss out on your exercises and live life to the fullest. Also check out exercises like a plank for beginners, Chest Workouts and bridge exercise. These exercises are easy and practical to correct your posture, which can be done easily at home!

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