667 Scissors Exercise: Benefits, Variations & How To Do It?

Fitness is one of the essential elements in life. A healthy body gives you confidence and enough strength to deal with the day. So make sure you work out daily to look attractive and maintain a healthy body. Have you thought about a workout routine or a set of exercises that will help you stay in shape? Well, there are many and one such exercise that is very effective and tones the body is the scissors exercise. It might seem easy, but doing it in repetitions can burn fat and give you a fit body.

Nowadays fitness is the new trend, and you can see many fitness centres filled with people thriving to keep their body fit. If you are a person who doesn’t like going to the gym and would want to work out at your own pace, have a list of exercises that are effective and help you lose weight quickly. Don’t forget to include the scissors exercise and standing exercises in your list that climbs up the ladder to fitness.

What are Scissors Exercises?

The scissors workout as the name suggests includes crisscrossing your legs just like the way scissors works. There are many kinds of scissors exercises like the scissor steps exercise, abs workout etc., that help you stay trim and fit. Any form of exercise in which you criss-cross is known as scissors exercise.

How to do Scissors Exercise?

All you have to do is lie down on a yoga mat with your hands on the sides facing the ground or underneath your glutes. Placing your hands underneath your glutes gives extra support to the back while performing the exercise. Next, suspend both your legs in the air with one slightly above the other. Crisscross them to the maximum, in and out above each other. The leg scissors exercise and jumping jacks exercise strengthen the thigh muscles and give good shape to the legs. Just ensure your legs don’t drop on the yoga mat while doing many repetitions.

How Many Variations are There in the Scissors Exercise?

The scissors exercise has many variations like scissors for arms, abs etc. you can also do scissors exercise standing on your toes and jumping to criss-cross your legs and return to the initial position. Moving your arms left and right opposite to each other horizontally is scissors exercise for arms.

You can also try the scissor jacks exercise that works on both the arms and legs simultaneously. You have to jump and criss-cross your arms and legs, interlocking them at the same time and jump again to return to the initial position. This burns a lot of fat and is very effective on your body. Another similar one known as the scissor jumps exercise is a part of the power training where the legs are criss-crossed in the forward position. Move your hands along your body while the opposite leg steps forward. It is similar to the alternate lunge jump that focuses on the lower body muscles.

Does it have an Effect on the Abs?

The scissors ab exercise focuses and plays a major role in burning the stubborn fat in the stomach. When you lie on your back and lift your legs, there is a strain in the abs muscles, which helps strengthen them. You can also criss-cross your legs while they are suspended in the air, either sideways or up and down. This motion further burns the fat in the stomach. As you move your legs throughout the exercise, the calories burnt is doubled. It is also a lower body strengthening exercise that tones the glutes and thigh muscles. For those who are looking to flatten your belly and strengthen your core, this is the best exercise. It is a good stretch for your hamstrings and lower back.

Try the Scissors Crunches for Better Results

The scissors crunches are similar to the bicycle crunches where you can put effort on the abs and stretch the spine. For this, you have to lie down straight, looking upwards with your elbows folded and palms below your head. Next, lift the right leg and bend the left elbow towards your right leg as much as possible. Now return to the initial position and do the same with the other leg and hand. This scissors exercise for abs squeezes the stomach muscles and burns a lot of calories. It also stretches the spine and strengthens the muscles around it.

When to do the Scissors Exercise?

The scissors exercise benefits are gained maximum when done in the morning. Also, ensure you don’t eat anything before you exercise. Do a small warm-up to loosen your body muscles and start off with the regular exercises of the day. Try involving the scissors exercises in between the other exercises. You can also fit in a few floor exercises along with the scissors exercise to go with the flow.

What are the Benefits of Scissors Exercise?

Scissors exercise has plenty of benefits. They work on muscles like the glutes, quads and adductors. If you are looking to strengthen your core muscles, do not miss this exercise because each time you flutter your legs, the core is strengthened and raises your fitness levels. The core muscles involve many other muscles like rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse abdominis, hip flexors etc. It is the best exercise for those who do not want to go to the gym and like to exercise at home.

Exercising every day keeps you fit and energetic. Our body gets stronger day by day while exerting energy and doing physical activity. It is the best way to maintain our health and stay active. For those who want to burn calories and lose weight in a healthy way, scissors exercise helps you achieve your goals. So set the alarm and strive to achieve your fitness goals at the earliest possible. Health is wealth, so make sure you do not compromise on your exercise at any cost. It only gets you stronger and helps you move with confidence.

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