You might have watched a hundred times how a sportsman suddenly collapses as if shot with a sniper from a long-range clutching the back of his thigh. Everything turns quiet. There goes a hamstring tear!

Tight hamstrings are a common problem as a result of previous injury or muscle strain. But with the right hamstring stretching activities and strengthening program, you can resolve the issue entirely.

Hamstring Stretching Exercises

Is hamstring stretching essential? How does it benefit the system? Prepare your body with the best stretching hamstrings activity. A hamstring exercise will prepare the body as a pre-workout and warm up the hamstring muscles for any lower body workout. A few of them are:

Lying L Sit

Lie on your back on the ground to start with this hamstring exercise. Bend the knees and place your feet close to the butt. Now by extending the arms to the sides, press the palms on the ground. Make the pelvis perpendicular to the ground by slightly tucking the tailbone. Inhale deeply and focus on your core. Now move your legs overhead by pulling the toes back towards the face. As you do this, you will feel an intense stretch of the hamstring muscles. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat these stretching hamstrings activities for 3 rounds.

Half Mountain Climber Bow

Perform this hamstring exercise by getting to all your fours with the knees directly under the hip. Place the hands straight to the shoulder. Step one foot forward so that it lands outside the hand. Push the arms and drive the knee in towards it. By tilting the butt to the ceiling, flatten the lower back as much as you can. Brace your core and push the foot into the floor. Take care to place your heel and toes without a rise. Bend the knee and go back to your original position. Repeat these hamstring stretching exercises for 3 rounds with 5 reps on either side.

Lying Warrior

Do this hamstring exercise by sitting on the floor and spreading your leg. Lock the legs out and twist the torso to the same side as the stretched leg. By planting both the hands on the ground, extend the spine and draw the shoulder blades downwards. Place the same hand behind the hip and make a deep twist. Now move and reach out with the other arm past the extended foot. Allow the other leg to roll inwards. Turn the hip to the floor as much as you can. Repeat on the opposite side with 5 reps on each side. Repeat these hamstring stretching exercises for 3 rounds.

Hamstring Strengthening Exercises

A hamstring exercise will need you to work both your hips and knees for most of its effective moves. It might also require you to train both hammies and glutes. Various hamstring home exercises will enable you to perform in the comfort of your personal space. The best hamstring strengthening exercises to be performed are explained below. Learn to master them.

Hip Extension

These exercises work the glutes. It pushes the thigh bones from a flexed posture to an extended one. This move is also referred to as a hinge and one of the best hamstring home exercises. It can aid you in running faster and jumping high.

Romanian Deadlift

Start performing these hamstring strengthening exercises by using a barbell. Grasp its bar and step it behind you with the feet to the hip’s width. Draw the shoulders downwards and together. Inhale and brace the core as you push your hips backward. Maintain a long spine and lower the body. You feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Now pull the bar so that it stays in contact with the legs the whole time. Let your knees bend as you lower the bar. By squeezing your glute muscle, extend the hip and go back to the original posture.

Back Extension

Perform this exercise by adjusting the pad on the Extension bench. Lie on the top edge lines and use the handles for extensive support. Set the bench in such a manner that the hips rest on the pad. Brace your ankles on the ankle pads and rest the feet against the footplate. With elbows wide and toes facing outwards, bend the hips to lower the torso towards the ground.

Take care to have your head, spine, and pelvis in a straight line. Inhale profoundly and brace the core. Now by squeezing both your glutes and hamstring, extend the hips. Until the body forms a straight line from head to feet, keep raising your torso. You can make these exercises for hamstrings more challenging by adding dumbbells.

Kettlebell Swing

You can now perform a kettlebell swing by first placing it on the floor. Stand behind it approximately at a distance of two feet. Draw the shoulder blades downwards together. With the rib down and tailbone slightly tucked, start bracing your abs. Bend your hip backward to lower the torso. Now grasp the kettlebell handle and lift it off the floor.

While doing this, take care that the shoulder blades are pressing downwards, shifting your body weight to the heels. Then lift the kettlebell back between the legs. As your wrists start to make contact with the inner thigh, contract your hamstrings and glutes forcefully. Thrust your hips forwards and go to a standing posture. Swing the kettlebell forward until it reaches eye level and then between the legs. Slightly bend the knees as the kettlebell swings downwards and then keep continuing it. Take care not to lift the kettlebell with the upper body while doing these exercises for hamstrings. The glutes and hamstring muscles must be doing all the work here.

Wrap Up

Thus, you have come to an end of the best hamstring stretches and exercises. With a good understanding of the hamstring muscles, aim to improve your overall mobility to prevent various health issues in your lower body. You can enhance the athletic activity in your body by decreasing the delayed onset of muscle soreness through these exercises mentioned above. This is a fantastic boon. Therefore, prevent hamstring injury by performing an effective hamstring exercise as a part of your daily routine. Keep going! Start today and create a new beginning.

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