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API Test Automation — Our Journey At

In the wake of the sheer volume of deployments and automated tests becoming mandatory, we had to up our API Test Automation game. Salil Gupta, Test Architect @ gives us a detailed run down of how we went about it and what we learnt along the way.

Service Mesh in Production: An Istio Story

An engineer's journal on the experiences with service mesh
Engineering’s Android App Sheds the Unhealthy Weight

Primarily a health & fitness app, features multiple products/services in a single app i.e.,,,, and live.Fit.
Engineering’s Analytics Stack

How many Cult members have tried’s the cross-sell between and is the average number of meals consumed per customer per month?Who are the promoters and detractors of

Machine learning at

So you finally beat laziness and decide to book a cult/mind class, perhaps your very first one, but, you see that the class is full. What a bummer, right? Well, in reality, eventually the class is not full. How you ask?