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Behind the Scenes

What’s your PULSE?

Most people would agree that has been able to give working out a whole new meaning. Cult members no longer dread hitting the gym! We’ve been able to make working out a lot more fun and engaging so that our members stay constantly motivated and keep coming back.
Behind the Scenes

Fit@98 : Making Healthy Eating More Accessible

Moving to a new city can be tough, sometimes even exasperating — the thrill of a new job comes with the unpredictability of a new place and the pressure to make new friends
Behind the Scenes

From Innovate to Plate: The Journey of Your Meal

A lot goes into making a balanced, healthy, & yummy mealEver wonder how we decide on our menu? Who makes that decision? How many hands and heads are responsible for creating perfect dishes?
Behind the Scenes

The Birth of a Fitness Revolution — Our Journey to 200 Fitness Centers

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” — Lao Tzu
Behind the Scenes

Introducing the drop-out feature

Let’s face it, getting yourself to start going to a gym is by no means easy. And fun? How could it possibly be! With that little insight was born whose big mission was to make fitness fun, easy and accessible. Did we? Seems like we did.