Let’s face it, getting yourself to start going to a gym is by no means easy. And fun? How could it possibly be! With that little insight was born Cult.fit whose big mission was to make fitness fun, easy and accessible. Did we? Seems like we did.


Did we become a cult? Maybe we did.


But the more fun working out became, the more people wanted to do classes.

The Rush Hour Problem

We all have a thing for the Rush Hour. Not the movie, well that too. But, just like the traffic, trains or theatres, fitness centres also have a rush hour. That’s because most of us have only these few hours to work out. Hence people tend to book classes in advance.

But, life happens and people end up cancelling their class. So even though slots keep opening up in the run up to that class, unless you keep checking the app, there is no way you’ll know about cancellations.

The Double Jab

What if you could know the minute a slot became available? You’d use the fastest finger first to book that class. That’s how we came up with the Waitlist feature, our first jab.

Simple as the name suggests, whenever a class is full, you can join a waitlist. To keep things fair, you also get a waitlist number. As soon as someone cancels their slot, the next person on the waitlist gets a confirmed slot.

About 85% of people who join the waitlist get a confirmed slot.

Sounds great, right? But it’s not enough. Not everyone who books a class turns up — sometimes life happens really last minute. Maybe you got stuck in a meeting. Or, maybe you just went too far with the snooze button. Do you see what’s happening? Ultimately, this no-show is an unused slot that could have been used by someone else.

A no-show penalty helps prevent unnecessary no-shows because it creates FOLO — fear of losing out on 1 entire day of membership! However, in the case of genuine last-minute circumstances FOLO doesn’t really help. Not only do you end up with a no-show penalty but your slot also goes unused. So much wastage! This is where we struck our second jab. We introduced the ‘Last Minute Dropout’ feature.

The dropout feature is the knight in shining armour for all those caught in last-minute hiccups. It will allow you to cancel your slot even beyond the 60-minute class cancellation timeline. As soon as you dropout, your slot will become available for others to book on a first-come, first-served basis. If someone books your cancelled slot, your no-show gets waived off! Of course, the sooner you drop out the higher the chances are of another member booking that slot. They need some time to get to the centre too :)

The After-effects

After the introduction of the Waitlist and Dropout features, 20% more members are now able to book a slot of their choice.

Plus, the dropout feature has improved class availability in the last one hour as well as significantly reduced slot wastage caused by no-shows.

Simply put, we are now able to make the same class available to more members.

What’s more? People seem to love these features!



While we will continue to add more centres so you can get more classes, these 2 features will help you get a class at your centre when someone can’t make it — we don’t like empty slots to go to waste. :)

We set out with the promise of making fitness fun, easy and accessible and will keep taking your feedback to create innovative products and features. So keep it coming! #WEARECULT

May 18, 2019
Behind the Scenes

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