Digital prescriptions in the time of COVID-19: A case study

Along with our marquee brand, has long been an integral part of our long-term vision. A strong focus on clinic design ensuring zero wait time and stellar customer experience lead to’s consistent high ratings in offline experiences before COVID-19 hit.

The Digital Fitness Revolution: Can Fitness Apps Replace Gyms?

Ankit Gupta from our Engineering team discusses the technology behind customised digital fitness -- from how fitness apps are personalised for users to whether they can replace actual gyms or not. Read on.

API Test Automation — Our Journey At

In the wake of the sheer volume of deployments and automated tests becoming mandatory, we had to up our API Test Automation game. Salil Gupta, Test Architect @ gives us a detailed run down of how we went about it and what we learnt along the way.
Engineering’s Analytics Stack

How many Cult members have tried’s the cross-sell between and is the average number of meals consumed per customer per month?Who are the promoters and detractors of

Open sourcing react-crux: A frontend toolkit for backend developers

Just a few months ago, we open-sourced a frontend framework, react-crux. With the help of this framework any developer can write a simple frontend for manipulating entities in the system without having to write significant HTML code.
Behind the Scenes

Curefit Logo - How Curefit Logo is Made With Connection to The Da Vinci Classic

If you are even slightly attuned to art and history, there’s a very high chance that you would have come across the Vitruvian Man. And if the name doesn’t sound familiar, this image will do the trick.

Engineering a New Normal

As a lot of you might know, life at a start-up is very different. Each day begins and ends with a new challenge and a new learning. Speaking particularly of the past six months, my experience as an engineer has been a roller coaster ride.

Revamping the cloud — A Kubernetes story

Like most startups we began small with smaller teams, a smaller scale and a host of typical engineering problems.We started off with small agile teams — each setting up their own infrastructure for their applications for the quickest turnaround. Each team in turn also had their own different ways of building and deployment.