Elevate your group workout experience with Screen Assisted Training

Read on to know the technology and vision behind's screen assisted training, where we use big screens to show live information regarding the workout in the workout arena to assist trainers and members during their cult sessions.

Meet Aurora, cult’s design language

Do you like how the app and website look? Read on to know how our a design team of dedicated and passionate individuals went about creating the's design language - Aurora

Pushing Past The Limits: Load & Performance Testing At

Like most digital businesses, also experiences a surge in traffic often, especially during sales. In this blog, we will talk about how our load and performance testing systems and processes evolved and changed many times to help us ensure a good app and web experience despite a sudden surge in customer traffic.
Behind the Scenes

Introducing the drop-out feature

Let’s face it, getting yourself to start going to a gym is by no means easy. And fun? How could it possibly be! With that little insight was born whose big mission was to make fitness fun, easy and accessible. Did we? Seems like we did.
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