5 Signs of Unhealthy Skin and How to Prevent them

Signs of Unhealthy Skin

There are many prominent signs of unhealthy skin that most people tend to ignore. Not attending to these issues right away can only worsen the condition, making your skin look aged and damaged.1. Dry PatchesIf you find dry patches on your skin frequently, it’s a sign that your skin is in need of deep nourishment. Lack of nutrients and hydration can lead to unsightly dry patches. There are easy remedies for dry skin to reverse this before it can do more damage. 2. Dark CirclesWhile most people know that dark circles are caused by lack of sleep, they aren’t aware that they can also be a telltale sign of unhealthy skin. Poor nutrient consumption and hydration paired with poor skin care thins out the skin under your eyes, making the dark circles prominent.3. Blotchy skin or uneven texture can mean that your skin isn’t receiving the care it needs. Lacking diet and irregular skin care routine are often the reason for these problems. Establishing a good skin care regimen can be the solution to this problem. 4. Flaky SkinIf you notice constant peeling on your skin, then it isn’t nourished or hydrated enough. Drinking plenty of water and making fresh fruits and vegetables a part of your daily diet can do wonders. Flaky skin can also be caused by conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It’s always ideal to visit a dermatologist if the issue persists. 5. Dark SpotsDark spots, hyperpigmentation, and skin discolouration are often reflective of underlying skin issues. It is imperative that you take precaution to not directly expose your skin to UV lights to prevent and reduce such skin issues.

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Skin Problems

Preventing skin problems is far easier than treating them. So, it’s always ideal to follow a proper routine to ensure that your skin is receiving the care it needs. This includes adding the best foods for healthy skin in your diet. 1. Drink WaterAdequate water consumption every day takes care of many health issues all on its own. The same is true for your skin. Drinking enough water is essential to keep it hydrated and healthy. 2. Use Sun ProtectionMany don’t use sunscreen at all or use sunscreen sparingly. Considering how UV light is the most common reason for skin problems like discolouration and pigmentation, sunscreen should be on the top of your skin care routine. 3. Don’t SmokeSmoking is a big no in general and for your skin as well. Smoking damages the collagen and elastin in your skin affecting the strength and elasticity of your skin. It also narrows out the blood vessels on the outer layers of the skin which reduced healthy blood flow to the skin. 4. Be Gentle With Your SkinYour skin responds well to gentle care. Harsh soaps and face washes can strip natural oil from the skin. Choose mild soaps and cleansers for the best results. Also, remember to moisturize your skin every day with the appropriate moisturizer.5. Seek Help and AdviceIt always helps to know your skin type to create a strong skin care regimen. See a dermatologist to ensure that your skin care routine is ideal for your skin. While using the right topical creams and products can help avoid exposure and skin damage, a good diet is essential for overall skin health.Do you have more queries about the article or are you confused about the kind of treatment or regimen recommended or if you're unsure about whether this is the right solution for you? Get clear and straightforward advise to all your questions, fears or doubts right from the comfort of your home, by booking one of our condition specific Diagnostic Screening Packs or schedule an Online Consultation with our Top Dermatologists and other Health Experts at carefit.Read More | Do you want to know more about keeping your skin healthy, glowing and radiant? Make sure you take care of these 5 problems & watch out for these Top 5 Fruits & Veggies for Flawless SkinNote : This Article is Not a substitute for Medical Advice or Treatment. If you are suffering from chronic illnesses, taking regular medications or are vulnerable because of other physiological conditions like pregnancy, or low immunity, it is strongly advised that you consult a Medical Professional before starting or following any new regimen to rule out adverse side effects, contraindications and undesirable drug interactions with other medications.

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