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Creating A Healthy Work-From-Home Routine

Has the pandemic disrupted your routine? From mealtimes to short breaks between work to workouts, we all had some sort of routine in place that kept us going. But the pandemic threw many of our routines out of whack. So how can you bring it all back on track? Read on.
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What's the deal with Collagen?

From your local pharmacy store to Instagram reels, skincare products are everywhere -- collagen being one of the most trendy skincare products talked about. But what exactly is it and where does it fit into your skincare routine?

Pack a Punch: Fitness Boxing for Toned Arms

We use our arms for pretty much everything and pretty much all the time. And for boxers, strong arms and shoulders are an asset. In this blog, we focus on how’s Fitness Boxing can help you work those muscles and get strong toned arms.

Digital prescriptions in the time of COVID-19: A case study

Along with our marquee brand, has long been an integral part of our long-term vision. A strong focus on clinic design ensuring zero wait time and stellar customer experience lead to’s consistent high ratings in offline experiences before COVID-19 hit.

The Digital Fitness Revolution: Can Fitness Apps Replace Gyms?

Ankit Gupta from our Engineering team discusses the technology behind customised digital fitness -- from how fitness apps are personalised for users to whether they can replace actual gyms or not. Read on.
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Introducing the Next Generation of Cult Gyms

We have added another exciting new offering to our fitness ecosystem -- Cult Gyms! These gyms are of top-notch quality, with every design and functionality element carefully thought through. Let's take a tour below!

Meet Sitara Subramani, our rockstar super-user!

At Cult, we celebrate and applaud our super-users -- users who've shown the ultimate dedication and passion towards developing the right fitness habits. And we want to take a moment to get to know one such super-user up close -- Sitara Subramani.

Travel plans ahead? Don’t let fitness take the back seat!

Worried that your travel plans may hinder your progress? Don’t stress! Spoorthi’s hacks can help you stay on track.

The Overlooked Mineral: Why Magnesium Is So Crucial

We all worry a lot about our Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C levels. But have you paid attention to the Magnesium levels in your body? Often overlooked in our diets, magnesium is a key mineral that keeps numerous bodily functions under check. Read on to know the signs you may be running low on Magnesium and how you can increase its intake.
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Why Motivation Won’t Help In The Long Run

"I'll just watch one more episode of FRIENDS and then sleep", "I'm too lazy to cook, I'll just order in." Have you ever felt that bad habits like these are easy to get used to, but the good ones are just too hard to incorporate in your life?
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How Do I Know If I Need Therapy?

Therapy can be incredibly helpful if you are going through a tough time or need support in overcoming a past trauma. But people are often reluctant to seek help either because they can't identify the signs or feel their issue isn't 'big enough'.

Do You Know Your PCOS Type?

PCOS can seem unmanageable since it isn’t a one size fits all diagnosis. Its symptoms present itself in different ways for different people. In this blog, we break down the different types of PCOS, it's causes and symptoms and the best routes to manage each.

Metabolism - Separating myths from facts

When speaking about weight loss (or gain), ‘metabolism’ is a word that often comes up. But how much do we really know about it? How exactly does it play a role in weight management? And how else does it affect our body? We spoke to an expert to understand the concept of metabolism better. Let’s get started.
Weight Loss

The abs-olute guide to burning belly fat!

A flat stomach is something that’s on almost everyone’s fitness list. And often, people resort to misguided and unsustainable means to achieve it. But that doesn’t have to be the case ⁠— because Shwetambari Shetty is here to give you a low-down on belly fat.

Calling All Women - Here’s Why Fitness Boxing Is For You!

Boxing has long been termed a ‘men’s sport’, misconstrued as one that’s meant to bulk up muscles. Our trainer, Gurmanprit Kaur, is here to bust myths - telling you all the reasons why it makes for a great sport and fitness routine for women as well!