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Knee Pain While Working Out? Rishabh Telang Tells You How To Manage & Prevent It

If you have been facing some sort of a niggle, ache, pain or discomfort in the knee joint while performing basic functional movements, Rishabh Telang talks about the knee joint and how to potentially get rid of these pains.

The Ultimate Hair Care Routine: Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair

Relearn what you think you know about your hair as Dr Sravya Tipirneni busts popular hair care myths and gives you a hair care routine to maintain healthy hair.

Are You An Active Couch Potato?

Fitness expert, Rishabh Telang tells us why it is so important to move more often.

Work From Home Got Your Back (In Trouble)? Here’s What You Should Know

Work from home has surely worked out great for many of us. But has it really worked out for our backs? Dr Kapendra Mouli, Orthopaedic Specialist at Care.Fit explains the detrimental effects of working from home and ways to avoid falling prey to them.

Sweet Dreams are (not) Made of These: COVID-19 and its Impact on our Dreams

People around the world are reporting an increase in vivid dreams. What does the pandemic have to do with this phenomenon? How can it be tackled? Read on to find out.