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Healthy Eating

Drink Up: How Much Water Should You Drink While Working Out?

Even though you may not feel thirsty, your body loses water while working out and you run the risk of dehydration. Rishabh Telang talks about the importance of hydration and how to do it right.
Healthy Eating

What Is Your Hunger Telling You?

While hunger is something that we are all familiar with, we don’t always know why are we hungry or what are we hungry for.
Healthy Eating

Are Fruit Juices Really Healthy?

There is no better way to stay hydrated and healthier than juicing up. However, indulging in fruit juices remains a controversy. While some people argue that it is a healthy choice, some others say it is full of sugar. Let's find out the truth. 
Healthy Eating

Balancing Hormones Made Easy with Seed Cycling

Whether you’ve got irregular periods or PCOS, managing them often feels like a tiresome task. But, did you know that you can ease your worries and regulate reproductive hormones with seeds? Yes, you read that right!
Healthy Eating

Healthy snacks - Best snacks to satisfy your rainy day cravings by

Nostalgia is the feeling of a perfect rainy day. While nature breathes a sigh of relief after the sweltering heatwave, rain paints the world in a myriad of colours, making even the most mundane looks fresh and different.