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Healthy Eating

Good carbs, bad carbs - How to make the right choices?

To eat carbs or not to eat carbs, that is the question! Carbs are often rumoured to foil all your weight loss plans but before wondering about whether we should remove them from our diets altogether, we must understand the simple science behind them.
Healthy Eating

What Is Your Gut Telling You?

Lately, everyone seems to be talking about gut health — perhaps while talking about something called the ‘microbiome’ or when sipping on a glass of kombucha. However, if you can’t tell your prebiotics from probiotics, don’t fret.
Healthy Eating

Feeding Your Feelings: Why You Stress Eat And How To Tackle It

There is a fine line between eating for hunger, and eating for comfort. The line is even finer when eating for comfort becomes more about guilt, depression, anxiety. Read on to find out about emotional eating and the signs you need to watch out for…
Healthy Eating

Who Said You Can't Get Enough Protein From A Vegetarian Diet?

It is popular belief that only a non vegetarian diet can meet your daily protein requirement. Does that mean vegetarians have a cause for concern? Nutrition Expert, Rekha Prabhu sheds light on this misbelief. Vegetarians, take notes.
Healthy Eating

Read Between The Lines: Understanding What Your Food Labels Truly Mean

Ready to eat, packaged foods that are labelled 'diet', 'zero trans fat', 'organic' become the obvious choice for the health conscious in the absence of home cooked meals. But what do these labels really mean? Knowing the difference makes all the difference. Here's a guide.