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Debunking 5 popular fitness myths

What you don’t know about fitness can hurt you—and, most importantly, interfere with your fitness goals. For safer workouts with excellent results, our Fitness Expert, Rahul Basak, shows us the truth behind five common fitness and exercise myths. Let’s get started!

Ramadan: Fasting, Feasting And Training

Starting from your diet, workout, to sleep schedule, one goes through a shift in their daily routine during Ramadan 30-day fasting. And it is quite natural to ask questions like “Is it safe to workout?” or “Will I lose muscle mass if I workout while fasting?”.

The Secret To Developing A Balanced Exercise Plan

Planning your workout can be easy and efficient if you know what components to consider. Read on for tips from our Fitness Expert Spoorthi.

Behind Every Great Run Is Great Nutrition

Whether you are running a 5k or a marathon, the right nutrition is extremely important. It not only helps you give your best but also prevents injuries.’s Health Coach, Chandni Haldurai, runs us through the must-haves in a runner’s everyday dietary plan.

Want To Get Good At Push-ups? Start Here

There is nothing like a push-up that can leave you feeling totally exhausted yet stronger. If you want to master the art of doing push-ups, here are some tips from our Fitness Expert Shoaib on how to do it properly.