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Stretch It Out Right: The 101 On Lunges

If you believe that lunges are for leg days, think again! Here’s everything you need to know about this popular movement⁠—from basics to the many variations.

3 Ways To Use A cultbike; The Future Of Home Workouts

If working out from home is an activity that has become difficult to be consistent with and increasingly boring, it’s time you try out the cultbike, a smart exercise bike that will provide you a studio-quality workout experience, anywhere, anytime.

New Year, New Me - How To Make it Happen

We go through the exercise of setting new year resolutions every year but hardly ever manage to stick to it. Here are 10 practical tips straight from the experts at so this time you can actually make it happen.

For A Solid Upper Bod: The 101 On Dumbbell Rows

Looking to work on your upper body strength? If yes, well then you’re in the right place. Read on to understand how you can build a bulked-up back.

Trainer Story | This psychologist packs a punch: Boxing Trainer, Gurmanprit’s inspiring journey

'Girls can't outdo men when it comes to strength,' 'Women are too weak to play sports,' 'Ladies must focus on building a home and not muscles' – sounds all too familiar? Well, like many of us, Gurmanprit, too, had to face the brunt of judgments and societal stigma while chasing her one true calling – Boxing. Let's find out how she overcame the many different roadblocks and made her way into the world of fitness.