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How to do Uttanasana - Meaning, Tips and Benefits of standing Forward Bend

Uttanasana is a powerful full-body stretch that involves a forward fold of your upper body over your legs that urges you toward greater flexibility along your back body. Read its benefits & tips to perform.

How to do Prana Mudra: Meaning, Health Benefits & Steps

Learn step-by-step guide to prana mudra yoga, Meaning of Prana Mudra Yoga and How Does It Work with Also know physical & mental physical benefits.

How To Do Setu Bandhasana - Bridge Pose: Meaning, Benefits & Steps

Setu Bandhasana is a strengthening yoga posture that is great for your glutes and back. This ultimate guide has all its forms to its, benefits and steps. Learn how to do it today!

What is Surya Mudra/ Surya Namaskar Mudra?

Surya Namaskar Mudra helps to balance energies in the body and treat various health issues. Get detailed information on Surya mudra benefits, step by step process, etc by

Dandasana: Steps and Amazing Health Benefits Of The Staff Pose

Best tips for practicing Dandasana safely with only Also know how does Dandasana help and some other variations of Dandasana to do at home.
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Ease your depression and anxiety with Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra impacts & stimulates the air element, also known as the ‘Vayu Vardhak Mudra’. It is a powerful tool to come out of the anxiety & Depression in day-to-day life. Learn more on!

Vayu Mudra: The best mudra for digestion

Vayu Mudra - Here's a secret to better digestion. Read on for more details for the best mudra for digestion, its benefits & how to practice it, only on

Shambhavi Mudra & Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya: Meaning, Steps & Benefits

Learn what is Shambhavi Mudra & Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, how to do Shambhavi Mudra step by step? Know the history behind it with Also shambhavi steps are relatively easy.