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Learn Different Types of Pushup Exercises at Home

A pushup exercise can be used anywhere there is ground, and apart from the standard types, you can also learn more advanced types at home. Check out the types of pushups.

10 Health Benefits of Push Ups You Must Know to Build Muscles

Push-up exercises have many benefits for your body, like strengthening your muscles & more. Learn about the top 10 benefits of push-up practices provided in this article by cult.fit.

How To Do Push Press: Benefits, Variations & Tips

Get a T-shirt filling shoulders & upper body strength with push press exercises. Learn how to do it with proper form. Follow our step-by-step instructions & know how to perform it with its benefits.

How To Do Close Grip Pushup Exercise: Guide to Master

The close-grip pushup is a simple bodyweight exercise that builds muscle in your upper body and increases core strength. Learn how to do close grip push up exercise using correct technique, its benefits & alternative for maximum results.

6 Best Push Workout That You Can Include in Your Routine

The push day workout is very popular among people for a powerful upper body!. Here's a detailed guide on the list of the push exercises push exercises for the gym and at home by Cult.fit.