If you are even slightly attuned to art and history, there’s a very high chance that you would have come across the Vitruvian Man. And if the name doesn’t sound familiar, this image will do the trick.

This renowned piece of art was created by Leonardo Da Vinci during the 15th century. But we won’t get into the history of that. What we will suggest is that you read up about the symbolism of this magnificent creation by Da Vinci. You’ll be as mind-blown, as we were when we found out what it really means.

So what does the Vitruvian Man mean to us at cure.fit?

The Vitruvian Man or the V-Man as we’d like to call it here at cure.fit, is a representation of unfinished business. We believe that the human form is never in a perfect state at any given point but in a continuous state of development. Which is why our mission is help people all over to #BeBetterEveryDay.

The cure.fit logo is a human form at its most basic. Devoid of any frills and finished with soft rounded edges, the form connotes inclusivity, friendliness and warmth. The overall circular completeness expresses our commitment to holistic fitness. The bright, colourful radiations that originate from the core, symbolise boundless and contagious energy, that flows out into the world. And thus, our logo represents our vision of maximising human potential of mind and body.

There are 5 colours that make up the cure.fit logo (V-Man) and as very brightly visible, these are Radiant Pink, Pure White, Sunlight Yellow, Midnight Black, Oyster Blue.

Sunlight Yellow

The Sunlight Yellow is a symbol of radiance and energy. Walk into care.fit and you will experience the welcoming feeling and the pure positive energy. The myriad of colors within the centre is a treat to ones senses and you will leave with a feeling of being healthy.

Radiant Pink

The Radiant Pink symbolises a dynamic environment which is very evident in our cure.fit headquarters. The mix of people of all ages and educational background makes it one of the most dynamic places to work at.

Oyster Blue

The Oyster Blue colour in the cure.fit logo emanates a sense of calmness, serenity and vastness which can all be experienced at our mind.fit centres. Learn Yoga & Meditation in a soothing ambience that will leave you with a sense of calm as you immerse yourself in the vast expanse of your inner self.

Pure White

The Pure White represents neutrality and purity which is the core essence of eat.fit. Right from the ingredients that we use to the method of cooking and our hygienic practices in the kitchen are all pure and free of any harmful substances.

Midnight Black

The Midnight Black, which forms the major part of the cure.fit logo symbolises finality, purpose and strength. The high-energy environment that can be experienced at Cult bears witness to this. The members who workout here enter determined and show a sense of strength to achieve their fitness goals.

If you’ve read till here, you’ll know that we mean it when we say we want to make health easy for all. The cure.fit app provides a holistic approach towards health by making it accessible at any time and any place. With so much to offer, are you ready to #BeBetterEveryDay with cure.fit?


Mar 28, 2019
Behind the Scenes

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