You’ve got to admit, life for the average young adult is pretty hectic! We’re always racing against time — trying to get the most out of life in the time we have. We wake up, eat, work, work, work, eat, sleep. Repeat mode on! Non-stop! And in between all that, we want to workout, hang out, travel, read and do everything else and more. Hectic, right?

Well, if you think our body is the only thing that’s racing…Picture this.

It’s Monday morning, the alarm goes off. What time is it? Can I squeeze in a short nap? Or will I get late? Oh, the 10:00 am meeting at work! I think I should take the cab instead of the bus. Will it go well? Maybe not? Will I have enough time to prepare? You’ve practically imagined every possible outcome of that meeting.

All this, in the 2 minutes you spent lying in bed. And, your body hasn’t even begun it’s routine!

Clearly, our mind is racing faster and is much ahead of what our body is trying to achieve. Must be overwhelming, exhausting at the very least for our mind. Our body and mind both need some time off and find some zen so that we are re-energised to take on a new day.

Illustration by: Prasantha Balakrishnan

For many of us, and rightly so, yoga is the way to go.

But, even here we are attracted to stronger, more fast-moving yoga practices such as Hatha Yoga or Power Yoga. This can easily over-stimulate us and it becomes yet another opportunity to over-exert ourselves or get caught up in getting better at a pose.

Ultimately, our nervous system ends up taking a beating! We may thus end up feeling easily overwhelmed and tired.

So the big question then, how can I let my mind and body truly unwind? How can I, for once, do less?

Our in-house yoga guru, Ms Divya Rolla says Relax Yoga has all the answers.

While the name itself is pretty explanatory, what does a typical Relax Yoga class comprise? How can a 50 min class of Relax Yoga help us deeply relax?

A Relax Yoga class at is broken into 4 parts:

Simple therapeutic postures held for a long time with the help of props

The props help you hold the pose and stretch for much longer, giving you the same benefits of deep passive stretching. Basically, every part of your body will loosen up and relieve your body of any physical tension. Think of how good you feel after a full body massage at the end of a tiring day. That’s exactly how your muscles will end up feeling. Goodbye expensive spa days!

Sound Meditation

The sound meditation, will help you slip into a deep state of meditation which, let’s agree, tends to be a challenge for most of us.

Balancing Pranayama

Balancing pranayama improves the quality of our breath, making it deeper and hence helps in greater oxygenation of our bodies. Simply put, our bodies recover faster from workouts and injuries and the practice also improves immunity. Falling sick, what’s that?

Yoga Nidra

And finally, Yoga Nidra in the end, puts the body and mind in a deep mindful state of relaxation. This is the stage where your mind and body will start feeling deeply relaxed on every level. You might even feel like you’re floating!

Overall, Relax Yoga helps us improve long term health. This means you have better immunity, improved digestion, reproduction, growth and repair. Yup, forever young could really be a thing!

Long term benefits aren’t the only upside of Relax Yoga. It has immediate effects on one’s heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity. Basically, your body just immediately calms down. It has an enormous capacity to heal physical and mental symptoms that may be caused by stress

This format does wonders for anyone who lives a fast, busy lifestyle as it gives you the chance to slow down, to deeply relax in under 50 mins! That’s relaxing done fast. 2 classes of Relax Yoga a week will help you truly unwind and you’ll be readier than ever to take any challenge head on.

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