Are Masks Safe To Wear While Working Out?

Popular opinion is that a mask poses a lot of discomfort even while not exerting oneself, wearing one while working out can be even harder. To put all your doubts to rest, we consulted with pulmonologist, Dr. Manish Sahu.

Sweet Dreams are (not) Made of These: COVID-19 and its Impact on our Dreams

People around the world are reporting an increase in vivid dreams. What does the pandemic have to do with this phenomenon? How can it be tackled? Read on to find out.

Welcome Back to the Safest Fitness Centre Around!

Yes! You read it right!
Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes Of Building The Safest Gym

COVID-19 resulted in a nation-wide lockdown in the second week of March, and subsequently led to gyms being mandated to remain closed. We didn't know when we'd be allowed to re-open but what we did know for sure is that we would not be able to operate the way we did pre-pandemic.

Behind the mask: 10 things about your anti-COVID shield

Sure, most of us are wearing masks when stepping out of home — but we could all use some clarity on questions such as the best kind to wear and how to dispose of them. Read on to have all your doubts cleared!