At times, staples serve as reliable fallbacks ÔÇô those essential pieces you effortlessly turn to when assembling an outfit feel like a mental feat. An integral aspect of being a staple is its role as a non-negotiable component, leaving you incomplete without it.

Undoubtedly, shoes fall firmly into the category of undisputed staples. Beyond their daily necessity, they possess the remarkable ability to tie an outfit together effortlessly. However, what might be overlooked about these "staples" is their potential to inject style and fun and even become the focal point of the entire ensemble.


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Contrary to any misconception, staples can embody the latest trends ÔÇô this guide is a testament to precisely that. Delving into the trends within our beloved category of staples: girlsÔÇÖ and womenÔÇÖs footwear.

The Hottest Trends in WomenÔÇÖs and GirlsÔÇÖ Footwear for 2024

This year's shoe trends seamlessly fuse wearability with style ÔÇô a perfect harmony that none of us would mind. Feel free to fill your shelves with our curated recommendations!

  • Sneakers

Sneakers undeniably fall into the world of non-negotiables regarding footwear variety. Timeless and universally embraced, sneakers and tennis shoes have become indispensable regardless of one's fitness level or interests. However, in recent years, the narrative surrounding sneakers has evolved.

These footwear essentials now transcend their role as reliable companions for errand running; they have evolved into a canvas for personal expression. From embellished hardware to vibrant colourways, elevated platform heights, and diverse textures, sneakers have become the epitome of high-low dressing. Whether paired with a skirt, dress, or even your favourite pair of jeans, sneakers now stand as a fashion statement in their own right.

  • Platforms

Whether you stand at 5ÔÇÖ2ÔÇŁ like Lady Gaga or boast a height of 5ÔÇÖ10ÔÇŁ, platforms make everyone feel on top of the world. With these towering shoes, you can figuratively look down on your foes (just be sure to practise walking in them before hitting the town to avoid any ankle twists). The trend of bold platform heels, especially when paired with a stylish bodycon dress, is unmistakably prominent in 2024. Also, platform shoes serve as the ideal complement to any mini-skirt ensemble.

  • Knee-High Boots

Are you donning the knee-high boots making waves in the upcoming season? We certainly are. Whether adorned with a heel or opting for a flat style, knee-high boots boast the perfect height for effortlessly styling with slit-leg midi dresses, mini skirts, and, dare we say, skinny jeansÔÇöparticularly if the pants are crafted from leather.

  • Tiny Kitten Heels

For a subtle elevation without going too high, consider the kitten heel. The latest footwear trend embraces the 'fashion footwear comedownÔÇÖ. After an era dominated by heels exceeding 100 mm, there's now a stylish resurgence in opting for heel heights somewhere in the middle. The key to mastering this trend is finding a balance where fashion and allure remain uncompromised.

  • Heavy Boots

If you're searching for a shoe that provides grounded stability, these are the perfect choice. While your feet may feel anchored, the heavy shoe trend for 2024 ensures you look effortlessly cool. Consider it a unique workout for your feet, similar to wearing ankle bands, making it a win-win situation.

  • Updated Loafers

Explore the essence of this trend that combines style and practicality. Unlike traditional, bland commuter shoes or loafers, these contemporary loafers are designed to make a statement. From professional settings to casual outings, they effortlessly blend fashion with functionality, ensuring you stand out wherever you go.

  • Thong Sandals

Embrace the timeless trend of thong sandals, a staple that resurfaces each summer and seamlessly transitions into the upcoming year. Beyond their comfort, these sandals are versatile for office wear in many colours, styles, shapes, and patterns. With such diversity, you can never have too many pairs. Consider investing in a pair that effortlessly combines comfort and trend, ensuring you stay fashionable and at ease.

  • Animal Prints

Animal prints are staging a strong comeback in the fashion world, and this trend also extends to shoes. Leopard, zebra, and snake prints take over shoe racks, offering footwear a bold and exotic touch. Animal print shoes can elevate any outfit, whether stilettos or flats. Pair them with solid-coloured clothing to make a striking fashion statement, allowing your footwear to claim the spotlight with its fierce appeal.

  • Jewelled/Embellished

During the wedding season, a significant trend in the desi fashion scene is the resurgence of embellished, jewelled, or stoned shoes. Several Indian brands for shoes have embraced and launched collections featuring these intricately designed and adorned footwear pieces, responding to the growing demand in the market.

 Among our favourites are the ghungroo (anklet) juttis, a perfect complement to the celebratory atmosphere of weddings. These juttis not only exude comfort but also boast an unmatched versatility, seamlessly pairing with various ensembles. Their stylish and sophisticated appearance adds a touch of elegance to any outfit, making them a favoured choice. After all, who can resist the allure of footwear that doubles as jewellery?

  • Mules

Mules have evolved into an essential shoe style for women with a keen fashion sense. These slip-on shoes, featuring a backless silhouette, blend comfort with effortless chic. Whether you prefer a flat mule or one with a heel, they provide an instant boost to your style. Crafted from materials such as suede or leather, mules are versatile and suitable for various occasions, from formal to casual.

  • Sustainable Footwear

The surge in environmental consciousness has led to a growing preference for sustainable footwear among women in India. Several Indian brands are incorporating eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled plastic, and vegan leather to craft shoes that are not only stylish but also environmentally responsible. Choosing these eco-conscious options allows individuals to make a fashion statement while actively contributing to preserving our planet.

The Key Takeaway

The women's shoe trends in the Indian fashion scene are transforming dynamically. Whether it's the fusion of style and comfort in sneakers, the grace of heeled sandals, or the bold statements made by statement boots, there's a diverse range of options catering to every taste. The enduring allure of animal prints and the increasing popularity of sustainable footwear further contribute to the richness of choices available. 

Step into the world of the latest women's shoe trends, express your style and leave a fashionable impression wherever your journey takes you.


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May 21, 2024

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