Ryan likes to think that he’s someone who can find a way to balance his work and his workouts. However, he’s often faced with busy days at work, where the prospect of even a 60-min workout seems like a pipe dream.

We’ve all been there. With work pressures mounting, more often not, most of us end up foregoing it all because we aren’t able to make time for an effective session of exercise. You hope to figure out a way to squeeze in workouts while also making time for everything else, but are largely unsuccessful at doing so.

What is the alternative?

Working out for a shorter duration!A common misconception is that shorter workouts won’t yield results as expected. While duration does play a small role (sort of), the effectiveness of a shorter workout can be amplified with the right combination of exercises.

Skipping workouts, as we all know, impacts you adversely. Hence, workouts of a shorter duration might just convince you to work out more often and enable you to be more consistent — the logic being that they are more convenient to fit into your daily routine, and are easier to recover from.

How short is short?

30 minutes is all you need.

According to researchers from the University of Copenhagen, 30 minutes of daily training provide an equally effective loss of weight and body mass as 60 minutes. In a book titled ‘American Journal of Physiology’, the researchers conducted a study on two different groups, where the experiment group worked out for a whole hour, while the controlled group stuck to their 30-minute regime. They found that the subjects from the experiment group ended up losing more body mass, and were more motivated to exercise.

30 minutes of workout: A boon

At cult.fit, we recognise and understand that different individuals have myriad fitness goals and needs. We do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and understand that different individuals require different approaches to getting fitter. In the same vein, we’ve introduced our newest addition to the plethora — Fit30. This program is a great option for someone who is pressed for time and aims to get fitter.

What is Fit30?

Fit30 is a fast-paced, high-intensity 30-minute workout format targeted at

  1. Improving Core strength
  2. Increasing Stamina
  3. Helping fat-loss

The workouts are a combination of simple, but challenging exercises that use one’s own body weight, free weights and resistance bands.

The program has been designed progressively so that each set of workouts builds on top of the earlier workouts to get you functionally fit.

Our Fit30 workouts start with a quick and effective warm-up, then move right into a fast-paced and challenging 15-minute workout that includes bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell and resistance band exercises that will work your whole body. This is concluded with a quick series of stretches to prevent soreness, help you cool down, and feel energetic and refreshed for the rest of your day.

Can Fit30 help anyone get fitter?

Geared towards overall functional fitness, Fit30 will primarily focus on improving your functional strength, stamina and mobility. The Fit30 workout helps you warmup all your joints through a dynamic mobility routine and makes you reach maximum intensity in 25–30 minutes but at the same time can be scaled to match your fitness level. While these workouts feature elements of our current formats such as compound exercises and HIIT, they also include several unique and new movements that work specifically on your core strength and mobility, while still getting you strong and fit.

Think this is something you could try out? Book a session at a cult.fit centre nearest to you right away!

Feb 20, 2020

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